From Friends with Cameras

We had such an awesome time with Liz & Jim at their engagement session. They were so fun and you could feel the love radiating from them! The roses signify Liz’s love and a slight obsession with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. They had a vision and we were so grateful we were able to bring that to life for them. This makes us even more excited for their big day next year!

How they Met

We were both searching for love. We decided to try our chances on eHarmony. Sparks flew immediately as we began talking. We had many things in common especially our love for Disney. It didn't take long for us to decide to meet in person. Our first date was on May 11th to Dorney Park where the whole day was filled with fun and laughter. When the day ended we knew that there was something special between the two of us. Our hearts were drawing us together and we couldn't be happier. It didn't take very long before we were saying I love you, and I was moving in with him. And the rest was just icing on the cake.

The Proposal

The proposal didn't go as originally planned as COVID hit and ruined so many things. First, there were issues with getting the ring from the jeweler, then the backup plans went awry. However the day it happened was still magical as it was one of the happiest in our lives. We were on vacation at Ocean City MD on a family vacation. He had picked out an amazing pier on the bay that had a beautiful backdrop of the sunset. He loves taking photos and had me convinced we were going to take some pictures with the sunset. He set his camera up on a tripod so that we could take some self-portraits. He asked me to grab the clicker from his bag and when I turned around he was on one knee. He made a profound confession of love and asked me to marry him. Of course, I teared up from joy and couldn't wait to say yes. After, my mom came walking down the pier to congratulate us which made it all the more special for me. As for the big question, was I expecting it? I can say that I was wishing for this the whole vacation. That morning I spoke with my mom, and she had me believing that it wasn't going to happen on this trip. So was I expecting it, No, but I was wishing like crazy for it.

Best Part of Being Engaged

The best part about being engaged is knowing that we are going to be spending our lives together. Knowing that we have found that person that sparks joy in our souls. Not to mention planning a big party! We are so excited to be able to share our love with all our friends and families.

Advice From The Couple

The advice we would share with others is, enjoy yourselves. Planning the wedding is one of the most fun parts so do it together, it's not just "her" day. It's your day, your day to share and make wonderful memories. Be sure those memories are ones you are both happy about when you look back at your photos for years to come.

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