From Friends with Cameras

We arrived at what we THOUGHT was the big park in the middle of nowhere, but it turned out to be WAAAY better at the house we ended up capturing their moments. It was so much fun & the SUN was PERFECT! We can't wait to have a fun-filled wedding day with Amanda & AJ!

How They Met & The Proposal

They met through a mutual friend, Chad. Chad texted me one day asking if I wanted company, then showed up with Aj. We started yelling "CHOCOLATE!" at each other in the SpongeBob old lady voice. This ultimately leads to the proposal! I expected it because he told me a year in advance when he was drunk that he was going to propose in Jamaica. We went to a hibachi restaurant then were supposed to go to the talent contest where I was supposed to perform, and instead, he lead me onto the beach and proposed.  

Best Part of Being Engaged + Some Advice

Being Engaged doesn't make any big difference to us! We don't feel any different! When planning a wedding, just plan EVERYTHING in advance! Pay in ADVANCE & don't stress out too much! Just have fun!

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