Deeply Intimate Elopement Photography for Loved-Up Couples Who Adore Simplicity, Spontaneity and Doing Things Differently!

Why Elope?

Couples often choose elopements over traditional weddings for the sheer intimacy and freedom it offers. They cherish the idea of sharing their special day with just their partner, away from the pressure of expectations and elaborate arrangements. Elopements allow them to focus solely on their love, creating authentic and unforgettable memories in a secluded setting, free from the stress and distractions of a larger event.

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  • 2 Hours of Coverage
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Let's Run away together to capture your love. Each couple is unique & no elopement is the same. We offer a wide variety of services & products for your elopement. It all starts here. Book a call with us to talk about your day with us.

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Top three Reasons Elopements are so popular


Elopements offer a profound sense of emotional intimacy. With only the couple present and a special few, they can focus entirely on each other, expressing their love without any external distractions. This creates a sacred and private moment, allowing them to be their true selves and share their feelings openly.


Without the pressures of a large wedding, elopements can be a true reflection of the couple's personalities and values. They have the freedom to create a ceremony that aligns perfectly with their desires, making the experience more authentic and meaningful.


Planning a big wedding can be overwhelming and stressful, but elopements simplify the process. With fewer logistics and arrangements to manage, couples can fully enjoy the journey of getting married without unnecessary tension.

Review: Robyn & Chris

"Christman photography went above and beyond, not only on our wedding day but with any other encounter we had with them"

"They made us feel so at ease and comfortable on the day of our wedding. They made it fun and they also joined in on the fun, which made it even better!"

My family had nothing but good things to say about them! The love for what they do really shows and it only made us happy to have them share our special day with us!"

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Elopements for the wild at heart!

Elopements for the wild at heart!

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We are Preston & Laurette your Elopement Photographers.

We are a husband and wife team who have been photographing Weddings and Elopements since 2016. We love Coffee in the morning and road-tripping!

We adore the intimacy and special something that comes when documenting Elopements & We would love to meet you!

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"What makes TWO Photographers supremely better than ONE?"

"What makes TWO Photographers supremely better than ONE?"

It's simple...

2 Photographers = Even More PHENOMENAL Moments Captured!

Two photographers will cover more areas, interact with guests and make sure EVERY detail is documented.

PLUS with us on your team, you're guaranteed fun & laughter!

Throughout your whole experience, we'll guide you every step of the way with helpful tips to make your day the best day of your life!

Add-Ons & Options

2nd Photographer

Add a second photographer to match the number of hours you select in your package.

Good to Know: Two Photographers are included in The Guardian Collection and our Most Loved, The Jedi Collection!


2nd Cinematographer

Add a 2nd Videographer to highlight even more of the BEST parts of your Wedding day.


Engagement Session

Celebrate your love with a custom engagement session at a beautiful location that is meaningful to you.

We strongly believe that each couple is unique and fun in their own way!

Included in ALL our Wedding Collections!


Aerial Footage

Looking for diffrent?

Add Aerial Footage to get a perspective rarely seen of your wedding day.


Premium Wedding Albums

Learn about your 1st family Heirloom

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Review: EmmaRose & Jarred

"We are so grateful we chose Christman Photography! We were bombarded with so many recommendations but when it came down to it, choosing someone close to home was the best choice we could have made."

"They are SO professional and were so fun to hang out with. The proof is in the pictures, which are so fantastic and reflect the day - and us - so perfectly."

"The unexpected attention to detail in the service that Christman Photography provides really makes it so special. The literal memories, both captured in front of the lens and the friendship we made with the people behind it, are such a gift!"

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