Premium Albums

We Design it Together!

Once your wedding gallery is received. We will pre-design a wedding album that came with your wedding collection. Most couples go beyond the 20 pages that came with your collection. In about 4 weeks, the handcrafted album will be delivered in person or at your front door!

What are coupes saying about the album?

“We love the gorgeous album you made for us! Definitely a beautiful investment for our daughter”

“From the very first zoom interview, through our album design session after the wedding, not to mention everything in between, the process was excellent, and they are SO professional!”


What size is our album?

The size of your album will be either 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12.

How much do clients spend on their albums?

We feel our albums look best with at least 40 spreads. This allows for the full story of the day to be told without compromising on the size of the photographs. Additional spreads are $120 each, which is $60 per page. Our couples typically spend between $2000-$4000 during their design consult on album upgrades. However, our base album can adequately tell the story of your day so if customizing your album is not within your budget, don’t worry, you’ll still get a beautifully designed album to admire for years to come. Remember, each album purchased within a package comes with a print credit!

Can I select my favorites?

YUP! You can make a favorites list in your online gallery right when you receive it. This is a great way for us to know what images to prioritize in the album design process.

Why do you pre-design the album?

We feel it is easier to eliminate a photograph than it is to add a photograph. This makes the design session an easy & fun experience.

How long until I get my wedding album?

Since these albums are handcrafted, they can take anywhere between 4-5 weeks for you to receive it.

Do you offer financing options?

YUP! We can set up a monthly payment plan for your upgraded wedding album. Once it is paid in full, we can then send it off to print.