From Friends with Cameras

Meeting Janelle & Keith off the back roads of Lehighton, PA in our favorite wooded spot really was an amazing time! Especially for Preston when he found out that Keith was a StoneMountain64 fan! Not familiar? He is a big-time gamer and is one of Preston's pass-times when he isn't capturing amazing moments of couples. Anyway! We hope you enjoy their little story with some of our favorite moments celebrating their engagement!

How they Met & the Proposal

We met through a group of friends! He was not my favorite person at first but I guess you can say we became close. He works the night shift. He came home from work as I was getting ready to walk out the door and handed me the box. I was very confused and as I was driving to work, I realized he never really asked me the official question so I texted him and asked if it was just a ring or if we were engaged. He answered with “yea? I asked you.” And we both laughed because it was never actually asked! 

Best part of being engaged & some advice

Showing off the bling! And the photos were actually very fun, being that we never had professional photos done. Don’t stress so much. At this moment, we only have the venue and our photographer and we get married in 9 months. Everything will work out and the day will be absolutely amazing! 

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