I speak to many couples who are excited and nervous about their engagement photos. They are excited because they are looking forward to a memorable session celebrating a fantastic moment in their lives. However, at the same time, they are also nervous because they bring up concerns like: "I am awkward when it comes to posing." or "No-One ever takes a good photo of me!" Don't worry! I believe you can overcome these fears, and I think you will have an excellent experience. For couples that may be a little shy in front of a camera, these tips are for you!

Engagement Couple Looking into each others eyes during sunset in the Lehigh Valley

Focus on your Fiancé!

The first tip is to focus on each other and get lost with the connection that you both share. Be affectionate, and get lost in the moment and do what feels right. After all, this is a session celebrating your love and upcoming marriage! Cuddle, Kiss, Hold Hands, "num" (lick) their nose or slap the booty...do what you do to show your human affection. Remember, there is no such thing as a "right" way to "pose" at an engagement photoshoot. You will likely be both a little nervous in front of the camera for the first time. I recommend laughing through any awkwardness you both feel when you begin the session. I promise that your personalities will breakthrough!

Lehigh Valley Engagement Couple kissing on a roller skating rink owned by Skate a Way Whitehall
Engagement Couple in the Lehigh Valley eating Pizza in their kitchen

Do Something you Love.

A simple and easy way to shake off nerves before the session is to talk to your photographer about your hobbies, including what you love to do together! Sounds simple right? Seriously, if you enjoy watching TV in bed, eating pizza, roller skating, or even hike a mountain, you should do that for your engagement session. Planning a day to do an activity you both love will be as natural as you can get. An activity is an excellent way to forget that you are in front of a camera lens, even for a small moment. You will look natural doing something fun that you both enjoy! Make sure you bring up any ideas to your photographer.

Engagement Couple holding hands at Beltzville State Park looking into each others eyes
Engagement couple smiling and holding hands at The Lost Tavern Brewery in Bethlehem PA
Engagement Couple standing in a the water in front of a waterfall at Sweet Arrow Lake

Make Your Own Poses

A good photographer will always direct or suggest poses if you are not sure where to put your hands, but still, feel free to make any adjustments to the direction and poses we give to make your own. If you are feeling awkward at the way you are standing or sitting, change it up! Feeling comfortable is the leading way to look natural. Don't forget about your hands! Be cautious of what your hands may or may not be doing during the photoshoot. Your hands should not be dangling strangely by your sides, because, when do you ever do that in real life? Make sure those hands are doing something. For the Gals, try merely playing with your hair, or hold the love of your life's hands! For guys, try to put your hands or thumb in your pocket, better yet use your hands to pull in her face for a loving kiss!

I hope you found these tips helpful for your engagement photos. Get lost in the moment and have fun, and I guarantee that the moments your photographer captures will look natural and timeless. Want a few more tips for your engagement session? Check out my Top 7 Engagement Session Tips!