Unplugged ceremonies around the Lehigh Valley and around the world have been popular for a while now. If you are planning your wedding, you likely have seen Pinterest board inspirations for "no phones" during the ceremony. But is an unplugged ceremony right for you? I am a big fan of unplugged services, and I think you will be too after you see the reasons highlighted below.

But First, What is an Unplugged ceremony?

Before we dive in and list the reasons you should have an unplugged ceremony, what exactly is it? It is a ceremony where all the guests are to put away all their phones, cameras, iPads, and other electronic devices. It is basically a ceremony where your guests simply are prohibited from taking their own photos during the ceremony. No screens allowed!

#1 - Enjoy Being in the Moment

The first reason you should have an unplugged ceremony is to focus on where it belongs, you. Your guests simply will be able to sit and enjoy the moment and not be distracted by getting photos of the moment. (that is what the photographer is hired to do). You have invited the people that are special to you to enjoy the moment. Having the ceremony unplugged encourages guests to get lost in the celebration with you. This is very important for guests participating in rituals or singing songs.

#2 Your Photos won't be Ruined

You probably have seen the photos of the ceremony where wedding guests are seen holding up their phones or digital cameras during the first kiss. Don't let that happen to you!

You have spent time, energy, and money to invest in a photographer to capture the moments during the ceremony. Don't let Uncle Frank ruin the first kiss while standing in the middle of the aisle with his point and shoot camera. Do you really want to look back at your first kiss and see a bunch of phones and screens staring at you? You probably would rather see happy guests smiling and laughing during the ceremony.

#3 See your guests' reactions

This brings us to the third reason why your ceremony should go unplugged. You will actually see the faces of guests reacting to your ceremony as it happens! How will the moment your mom begins to tear up if she is hiding being her iPhone snapping a photo? Do you really want the "paparazzi" to be the crowd of your wedding day? Or would you rather have your guests be in the moment and get their real candid reactions? We think you want to see their reactions!

Reasons to have an unplugged ceremony lehigh valley and poconos wedding photographer
Reasons to have an unplugged ceremony lehigh valley and poconos wedding photographer

#4 Less Distractions

Remember the days pre-COVID? Yeah, It is starting to be harder to remember those days. Well, during those days, we went to the movie theatre. Just like the movies, guests are instructed to silence their phones. No difference here, you do not want a crazy song or ringtone going off during your vows!

What is really distracting is your cousin leaning from his chair in the middle of the aisle as you are exchanging those vows. Going unplugged helps with those distractions. A baby might cry, or Aunt Betty might have a coughing fit, but going unplugged will have one less distraction.

#5 Privacy should be Respected

Your wedding day is yours, once in a lifetime. You have the right to announce and share your day how and when you want to do it. A random blurry or dark picture shouldn't be posted without your permission.

This is very important if you are having a small micro or secret wedding that you may not want to announce. Not sure what a Micro Wedding is? Check out our earlier post to see which one may be right for you if you are considering having a smaller wedding.

Another thing to consider is the privacy of your guests. They might not want a photo of them posted on social media if they didn't give permission. An unplugged ceremony removes all of that hassle.

Reasons to have an unplugged ceremony lehigh valley and poconos wedding photographer

Bonus Tips!

How to set up an Unplugged Ceremony?

  1. Let your guests know! You can put this on your save the date, wedding website, or have a sign in front of the aisle that is clearly visible that says "put your phone away." You can go to Pinterest to get some inspiration for sign designs.
  2. Have your officiant make an announcement. One of the best ways to make sure your ceremony is unplugged is to have your officiant make an announcement before the start of the service. Make sure to bring this up to your officiant during your consultation and first meeting.
  3. Speak to any "problem" guests before the ceremony. Make sure you take the time to set aside a guest who may say, "Oh, I didn't see the sign." That way, you know you had a heart to heart with them to explain why it would mean so much to you before the wedding.
  4. Be Realistic about how unplugged you want the wedding to be. These days, ceremonies are often to be considered the new normal. But do you really wish to have the reception unplugged? Consider making that clear on your wedding website that phones can resume after the ceremony.
  5. Remember, if you make an effort to inform your guests by either signs, announcements, or on your wedding site, your guests will respect your wishes. Remember, it is your day, and they are invited to celebrate your wedding! Remind them to be in the moment with you!

Are you having an Unplugged Wedding? Let us know in the comments.