Do not let your phone be a Trap!

I believe that your photos are meant for more than being trapped inside your phone or computer. These images deserve to be displayed on your walls in a spot that reminds you every day how much you love one another. They deserve to be printed into a beautiful wedding album that your family can’t help but pick up when they come to visit. Think about it, this will be your first family heirloom and something that will be passed down for generations to come. They deserve to be printed and shown off.

"But I don't wanna see myself every day!"

Now I know what you might be thinking... isn’t it a little bit conceited to hang photos of myself all over my house? Totally get that thought, but it’s totally, 100% acceptable to display your wedding photos! Your pictures are there to serve as a reminder of one of the most beautiful days in your lives. There will likely be days in your marriage where you’ll be mad at one another, or frustrated, or you’re missing each other while your spouse is away on a work trip or away for a few days. Displaying your love story on the walls of your home is important because it serves as that reminder of always choosing love, and it keeps the other person around even when you’re missing them. Imagine waking up in the morning and walking into your living room and seeing a gorgeous 20x30 printed portrait hanging on your wall. Next to it is a few 16x20s and 11x14s. It’s going to make you smile every single time. When friends and family come over, they’re going to love walking into your home and being reminded of celebrating with the two of you on your wedding day. Those prints are going to spark joy for you and those close to you.

Longterm Investment

I encourage you to start thinking about where your photos will end up in the longterm whether that’s a gallery wall of prints, canvases, or maybe gifts for parents and grandparents. There are a lot of options to choose from and we can help you with that. Even if you’re not in your forever home yet, prints will look incredible in any home you settle in.

The Wedding Album

Below is a real photo album for a wedding that was handmade right here in the United States. This is the standard album that comes with all of the wedding packages. They come in leather or linen options. Every one of our couples always is glad they receive an album to remember their big day. It is something that I am proud to offer to start as their first family heirloom.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments. Do you have a photo album? What are you going to pass down to your family for generations?