Do I need a First-Look? What is it?

We believe that there are pros and cons in any decision you make, but we believe strongly in having a first look on your wedding day. Below are some reasons as to why you need to have a first-look at your wedding day! Not sure what a First-Look is? A first look is an intimate moment where you get to see each other before the ceremony. It happens right after you get in your dress and before any additional photos (bridal party, family, etc.).

Why might you choose to do this instead of waiting until you’re walking down the aisle? My wife and I, and many of my couples, have chosen to do a first look, and I wanted to share those reasons with you to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you!

#1 - Alone Time Together

Yes, a wedding is a time to get all your friends and family together to celebrate your love! Have you ever considered how much time the two of you will have alone together on this day? I promise you that your wedding will fly by and in a blink of an eye it is over. You will appreciate the time seeing one another before the ceremony to reflect on all the moments you shared in your life leading you to this day.

I try to find a secluded and private spot at the venue for you to share this moment. It is one of the biggest reasons my wife and I decided to do this. Additionally, we were able to exchange personal gifts with each other and share our vows. Having this time together will help calm your nerves. ❤

#2 - More time!

When couples decide to do a first look, you get to save so much time and get photos out of the way before the ceremony! What do we mean by that? We always recommend having the bridal party and family close by during the first look to get those photos out of the way. We don't have to rush around after the ceremony to gather the family and bridal party for the formal shots that everyone needs. We can do that after your first look! Doing this gives you more time to enjoy the cocktail hour after the ceremony. Additionally, we can even take a more portraits of just the two of you! Which brings me to the third reason.

#3 - More Photos!

You can never have "too many" photos to choose from, or can you? I don't think so! You can use the first look to get even more photos of the two of you! Use this extra time to get creative, and have fun with your portraits. Trust me, you will love seeing all the extra photos you get during your first-look.

After the portraits are done, I can then join you and your guests to get some natural and candid photos of everyone interacting during cocktail hour. This is definitely something that is overlooked. Your guests should be captured enjoying themselves at your wedding!

#4 - Your Reactions

Your reactions to the first look are insane! Your fiance will have a different look when you turn and face one another versus when walking down the aisle. I have heard the concerns before: "Having a first look may take away from when I am walking down the aisle!" They will both will be amazing, and they both will have their feelings and moments. Both reactions are different in every way. You will need to trust us when we tell you that it is a completely amazing and unique experience. The groom will be even more excited, knowing what is about to be walking down the aisle! In a way, you are getting two reactions instead of just one.

#5 - The Nerves Melt Away

Having a first look will help you relax and help melt away those pre-ceremony jitters. I speak from first-hand experience, and I was a nervous wreck from when I woke up on the wedding day until the first look. After my wife and I had our first look, you can tell how happy and relieved we were to see each other before the ceremony—knowing that your soon to be life partner will be walking down that aisle! Having that "We are about to get married!" moment is an amazing and beautiful thing. 

#6 - A Memorable Moment

The wedding without a doubt is going to be the best day of your life. You want to have moments that you will remember forever. A first-look is a beautiful moment that I, as your photographer, genuinely love to create for my couples. It is an experience that will leave a lasting impression on you and will likely be in your photo album. A moment that only you and your fiance will cherish forever. It will be a significant highlight of your day.

Your Choice.

Remember, It is your choice. You do not need to have a first look, and you can still keep it traditional. We hope that these reasons help you better understand why we will and continue to recommend first-looks. What do you think? Let us know!