From the Photographers

This is was our first time meeting Trisha & Harrison, and we knew right away that it was going to be a fun time during this session. They came prepared with laughs & pizza. Yeah, Pizza in the Park! I think this will start a new trend. We really had an awesome time with them. Enjoy their story, as told by them!

How they Met

Harrison and I actually both joined Bumble with no intentions of meeting anyone, both as jokes. Harrison actually had in his profile "not looking for anything serious". Well, that changed. I recognized Harrison from our mutual friend (who is actually now at our wedding), who told me all about Harrison and how he was such a great guy. We matched on Bumble and started chatting. Once we (more so Harrison) realized we had a mutual friend we decided to go on a date. Although Harrison only talked about sports on our first date, I decided to give him another try and we hit it off ever since.  

The Proposal

On 12/12, my mom took me shopping to get random Christmas odds and ends. By the time we were coming home, I was starved. If you knew me, you’d know I get hangry!! As soon as we got home I dove into dinner and filled my plate, all while my mom asked me if I needed to take so much (she was in on it). Little did I know there was a huge surprise coming. As we were eating dinner my brother went downstairs and yelled that there was water in the basement. My mom went running with towels and yelled for me to bring more. I answered with, “Hold on, can I quickly finishing eating?!” That was not the answer she was looking for, I needed to come right away. When I walked down the steps I was immediately surprised with a walkway of rose petals and candles. When I walked outside, there was a beautifully lit display of more rose petals, tons of Christmas lights, a tree, presents and SO much more. To say I was surprised is an understatement. Christmas is my favorite holiday and to see all these lights just for me was amazing.

Best Part of Being Engaged

Harrison: *huge sigh*

Just kidding, Harrison's favorite part about being engaged has been taking the next steps towards our life together. We've been looking at houses and furniture, all the big stuff.  

My favorite part has been the joy that has come out of it. We are both so excited to spend the rest of our lives together and although planning a wedding and a future is stressful, it's good to also sit back and realize what the end goal is and how happy it will make us.  

Advice from the Couple

Just relax, this is supposed to be the happiest moment of your life. Take the time to sit back and make the planning fun.  As exciting as it will be to have our wedding day, don't rush things. It will come and go too fast so just enjoy every step.

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