From the Friends with Cameras

It was both a pleasure and an honor to be able to capture the engagement of Carolyn & Rich. Vacationing away from New York, they decided to stay in the Poconos for a beautiful change of scenery. We ventured to Beltzville State Park where the leaves were changing and the air was brisk, it was a perfect fall day for them to experience their session with us! We are so thankful to have met them both and could not be happier for their future together.

How they Met

We met through Carolyn’s cousin. Richie was good friends with my cousin and I never knew him too well and he finally introduced us. Our grandparents actually grew up a few doors down from each other in Italy and that's how our fathers and uncles knew each other and that is how Richie became friends with my cousin. He finally set us up when we were both single and thought we’d make a great match. He was right!

Proposal Story

Richie told me that we had to attend a small dinner party for his friend's new real estate business launch party. He even had his friend call me and tell me he's running late to our favorite restaurant where the party was “supposedly” hosted to tell me he was stuck in traffic. He said can you please check the room and make sure the billboard I created for my new business was set up correctly and looked good. I walked into the room and saw a frame on a stand covered and as I turned around to uncover it I saw it was all photos of us from the last 4 years and said “will you marry me?” When I turned around Richie was down on one knee. I later noticed he had the whole restaurant decorated in balloons, flowers, and lemon centerpieces as a part of an Amalfi coast theme. I was definitely surprised since I thought it was a party for someone else and he even had the person call me to throw me off. Later our family joined us at the restaurant. It was a perfect night.

Best Part of Being Engaged

Our favorite part of being engaged is finally getting to move on with our lives and plan our future together especially post-pandemic when our engagement got put on hold and life was so uncertain. It's so wonderful to have happy news and finally plan on moving on with our lives and talk about all the things we are looking forward to together! We also are so excited to plan our wedding and all the fun things that come along with planning our special day!

Advice from the Couple

Do whatever makes you and your fiancé happy! You can't make everyone happy or please everyone and it is your day and what's most important is the both of you are happy and doing what's best for you! Also, remember not everything will go to plan, and that's ok! Don't sweat the small stuff, the big picture is your happiness and your future together! :)

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