From Friends with Cameras

It was an absolute dream as we had the incredible opportunity to photograph Taylor and Joe's engagement session at the Vynecrest Vineyards & Winery and the charming Lockridge Park!

Nestled among rolling hills and lush vineyards, Vynecrest Vineyard provided a breathtaking backdrop for their session. The vibrant rows of vines and the rustic charm of the winery created a truly magical atmosphere. As we strolled through the grapevines, Taylor and Joe's love story came to life, radiating joy and affection in every shot.

After capturing some stunning moments at Vynecrest Vineyard, we ventured to the classic Lockridge Park—beautiful light & pathways made for the perfect scene for their engagement.

Taylor and Joe's love and chemistry were infectious throughout the session. Their laughter filled the air, and their genuine affection for one another warmed our hearts. It was a privilege to witness and capture their love story, and we can't wait to share more of these heartfelt moments with you all soon! We're beyond grateful to have been a part of their love story and can't wait to capture their beautiful journey as they step into their future together.

How they Met & the Proposal

We met through mutual friends; our first date was a double date with those friends, dinner and mini golf. That's when Joe figured out how competitive Taylor is.

We both love Halloween. Like LOVE Halloween. Taylor planned a Halloween party for family, neighbors, and friends on October 29, 2022, and that's when Joe decided to propose. Taylor was Jill, and Joe was Jack; Costumes were greatly encouraged. Essentially Taylor planned her engagement party without knowing it. I (Taylor) HATE (actually loathes) attention on myself, so of course, Joe had to make sure there was an audience. I (Taylor) was stirring crock pots full of goodies when Joe put our song on Alexa, which I thought nothing of because he had been playing music all night from his Spotify, and I thought it was just part of the Playlist. I turned around, and there he was (with everyone behind him) on his knee asking. I didn't know how to feel I was excited and scared all at the same moment. Joe was shaking like a leaf and put the ring on upside down. The Champagne started to pour in, there was a fire pit, Sangria with fire ball-soaked apples, and so much food. The rest of the night was spent celebrating and playing games with our guests! 

Best part about being Engaged + some Advice

Just enjoying having each other and getting to call each other fiancé or future hubby/wifey as well as the planning. Especially the honeymoon since we haven't been on a vacation, just the two of us. 

The earlier you plan, the easier; lock down the big vendors first (venue, photographer/videographer, church, DJ, Florist, and cake/catering), then move to the smaller details. Keep organized (I use an Excel worksheet, The Knot app, and a binder); let your future hubby have a say in things and just enjoy the process in general. DIY what you can but don't stress the little things, it'll all come together in the end. 

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