from the photographer

💕 This was such an EPIC session and I think it's fair to say we all had a fantastic time! Nestled in Nesquehoning, PA was so the best. I'm so excited to share your engagement images with you, and I'm bursting at the seams to photograph your wedding next year!

Learn more about Taylor & Mason below

How they met

Mason and I attended the same university and met through mutual friends. However, our relationship did not start until we attended a winter break trip to Cancun with our friends. And it’s been history ever since!

The Proposal

Mason suggested we get dinner to celebrate my new work promotion in November of 2021. This typically would not raise any suspicions, except Mason kept telling me how he wanted to take a picture with me at dinner…and if you know Mason then you know he is not a fan of pictures.

The night was still amazing and Mason put so much thought into the proposal; he even had the restaurant set up string lights outside for the proposal and worked with the staff to make sure everything turned out perfect.

The best part about being engaged + some advice

Knowing that we found our best friend and soul mate all in one :) And also showing off the ring!

You don't have to rush into wedding planning; if you're not financially / mentally ready to start planning there's no reason to feel pressured or rush into things. Honestly, it was great to just sit back and enjoy the excitement of the engagement until we were 100% ready for the planning process.

👉 And when you do start planning, focus on what's important to you and less on what other people will think or expect.

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