From Friends with Cameras

We met with Tara & Brandon at Yenser's Tree Farm to start their epic & fun engagement frolick in the sunflower fields. It has been a long time in the making for these two! Although it was dry & dusty, we still managed to make the best of the beautiful scenery! We are excited to capture their wedding in just a few short months.

How they Met & The Proposal

Brandon & I first met in 2008 as kids at the Laroses Skating Rink and dated for a short few months. Our paths crossed again in 2018. While healing from our past, we've been inseparable since August 2018. The proposal was nothing extravagant like you see in movies, it was Christmas day, and I went in to check on our daughter, and there was a note on the bed that said "will you marry me" with the ring. I was extremely happy and surprised, but he was too nervous to ask me to my face!

The best part of being Engaged

Tara- Since we first got engaged in 2019 to now in 2022 we've learned even more about each other. Looking forward to our wedding and wedding planning and getting closer to each other's families has been great. Every day is an adventure and it's all so scary and exciting! 

Brandon- The excitement in knowing you've found the one to spend the rest of your life with..when the day comes that she is my wife will be worth everything that leads us to this point.

Some Advice

Brandon- Don't expect everything to go perfect, some things will go your way and some won't. Don't stress the little things and live in the moment. Don't settle for anything and remember it's your wedding. Whatever you and your partner want is what matters. Sure it's important to get advice and input, but ultimately it's up to you two. 

Tara- I know it's easier said than done but don't get too worried about how things will turn out. Don't be afraid to ask others for help with planning. Don't forget to laugh; taking a breather is okay. Whatever happens, happens. What's important is having that lifelong bond with your partner.

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