From Friends with Cameras

It was another warm Fall day in Pennsylvania when we met Sydney & Bryce for their engagement session. All it took was a few snaps with their four-legged friend Max to get some real & fun reactions. We also learned how coordinated Bryce is when walking side by side holding hands! 🤣

How they Met

We met back in preschool. We played soccer together then went our separate ways during school due to living in different school districts. We then began talking in the eighth grade of high school through a mutual friend. We texted for five years until we hung out and officially started dating each other. 

Proposal Story

Sydney was always begging Bryce to look at rings each time we went shopping. One day around September 2020, Bryce decided to go shopping for the ring and bought one. Sydney had no idea that Bryce bought the ring and kept bothering him every time we went shopping. Bryce kept telling her it will come in the New Year. He asked for permission from the soon-to-be father-in-law in 2023 the week before proposing. The night before, Bryce had Sydney's sister do her nails by saying that she was bored and needed something to do and Bryce told Sydney to dress nicely for church. Sydney was oblivious and thought nothing of it. On December 13, 2020, after church Bryce proposed to Sydney. His mom, sister, Sydney's mom, and sister snuck in the back of the church and Sydney had no idea. Bryce placed the empty box under the Christmas tree at the church and said he could not reach it and Sydney came up to get it. She came around the tree in utter shock and even cursed when she saw Bryce on his knee. Bryce was super nervous and stuttered during the proposal but made it through it and Sydney finally answered yes while in happy tears. 

Best Part of Being Engaged

Our favorite part of being engaged is planning the actual wedding and house hunting. We have a lot done for the wedding already and are having fun researching different things and looking for a nice house. 

Advice from the Couple

Our piece of advice is to start planning the wedding early to not stress in the end, save money starting at a young age, and enjoy every moment of planning the wedding. It should be one of the best, most happy days of a person's life and occurs only once for most people.

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