Our time at the Session

Wow! What else can I say? Another fun engagement session. We celebrated the engagement of Emily & Zac this time around. During this session, I enlisted the help of Bugge Productions. I am glad we were able to finally meet and get the chance to create some new memories for Emily & Zac. Fun Fact, White Birch Gold Course is currently up for sale. We were kinda thinking of splitting it four ways, What do you guys think? Maybe re-do this beautiful course into a prime spot for future weddings? A man can dream. This is a very special place for Emily & Zac, and I am honored we share a small part in their story. As always, they share their story in their own words. We hope you enjoy it!

How they Met

It all started in 2018 at the Clubhouse of White Birch Golf Course. Emily was a waitress and I cut grass. We talked and flirted all summer and it became a part of our day that we both looked forward to. One day during lunch, we were discussing birthdays and Emily said her birthday was in November and I said so was mine. She continued to tell me that it was on the 24th which was also my birthday! I immediately pulled out my ID to show her my birthday. Right then and there, I think we both knew that this was the sign of something really special! 

The Proposal

Part 1

This idea first started on a cruise that I took Emily on to the Western Caribbean. Interestingly enough, Emily and I were walking around the ship and found a jewelry store. We walked in just to browse and she found the most unique ring that was exactly "her". So, I secretly went back to the store without her and bought the ring. 

Part 2

Trying to hide this ring for a few days, I told Emily, "let's go for a quad ride". We went out for a ride on the golf course and stopped at a beautiful location on # 12 green that overlooks our ponds and valley. First, I got down on my knee and presented her with a strawberry ring pop! (She always teased me that she didn't want a fancy ring, but a ring pop). Then, I got down on my knee again and did the actual proposal. She was in shock! 

Best Part of Being Engaged & Some Advice

The beauty of planning our wedding day and all the special parts that make it our day. We have grown so much closer as partners and look at events, things, and life differently as we want it for our house and future family. 

Start early and don't make it stressful. Take each step carefully and make sure you're not just going through the motions. It's about making your better half smile so plan and complete all the tasks together because it makes the events and process more genuine. 

Special thanks again to Bugge Productions for creating a beautiful video for the couple

Got a favorite photo of Emily & Zac? Tell us! <3

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