Exploring Jim Thorpe and Muggle's Mug

When Ruby & Brandon reached out to us to capture their wedding, we knew it would be a fun time working with them. Our fellow pop culture nerds are into the Harry Potter and Marvel universe and wanted to make sure we explored a little bit of Muggle's Mug in Jim Thorpe. The owners and their little mascot were very open to the idea of opening up their coffee shop to Ruby & Brandon to celebrate their engagement.

We hope you enjoy their story (as told by them) and the adventures we had together, creating new memories for them. We are so excited about your wedding!

The Proposal Story

Brandon proposed on the last day of a little reunion we had with our friends and my brother my brother flew in from Florida. All of our friends got together at our friends brand new home. On the last day Brandon and I were going to get everyone breakfast before my brother had to fly back to Florida and we weren’t even on their driveway yet and Brandon jokingly asked me to be his biscuit buddy forever and I was like oh yeah and then he turned around and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! 💕

Best Part of Being Engaged

My favorite part about being engaged is that soon I’ll be able to change my last name to his and that I get to spend my life with my best friend. He said his favorite part is that we have our whole lives to plan adventures together and experience new things 

Advice from the Couple

Start early!!! It’s easy to say oh, we don't have to worry about that right now but it also easy to forget! 

And!!! Don’t lose sight of what you’re planning! Your wedding is one of the best days of your life don’t let the stress of planning turn conversations into fights!