Our Time at the Session

I first met Liz initially when her friend Kat reached out for a fun Halloween shoot last year, and it was a blast. She finally got engaged this past Christmas to the love of her life & she contacted to set up the session. Although I was super bummed that I could not capture her wedding later this year due to prior arrangements on her date, I was still pumped to capture her engagement session, and WOW it was fun. We were both watching the weather because it rained most of the day, but they didn't let a little wet dirt bother them!

I was greeted by their two furbabies and her better half, Chris (he isn't too bad) ;) We walked around his Godfather's farm in Kutztown and I was drawn to this ankle-high grass field that is all over the property and we started to capture moments. After some friendly name-calling, pretending to be "Mario", talking about belt buckles & reflective grass, & playing with a wooden goose; the session was over. It flew by! I hope you enjoy the moments we captured along with their story, as told by them. Let me know your favorites!

How they Met

We met in college! He was in a lot of my roommates classes, so they eventually became friends and he started coming around more. He became good friends with my brother but I wasn’t completely sold on him just yet! It wasn’t until our last year in college when we became closer as friends and eventually fell into a relationship with each other! Not the most exciting story but it’s ours!

The Proposal

Chris proposed to me on Christmas Eve! Christmas is our favorite holiday and we do the same thing every year. We go to church at night, come home and give each other a Christmas Eve present, go to bed and wake up the next day, and have an amazing day filled with love, friends, and family. We got home from church and we still had a fire going in our wood stove, so he called me into our summer kitchen so we could give each other our Christmas Eve gifts. He wrapped the ring in a box, which was in a bag, which was in a box and it goes on and on, so I had to unwrap it forever. He wanted to make sure I wouldn’t know straight off that it was a ring. I eventually get down to the ring box and I opened it and was absolutely stunned there was a beautiful ring inside! He asked me to marry him right there in our summer kitchen, in front of our Christmas tree, on Christmas Eve with a fire going, just us and the pups, which could not have been any more perfect! It was a dream come true! The ring is a beautiful marquise diamond, which was his grandmother’s engagement ring! I’m absolutely honored to be the new owner of this perfect ring!

The best part of being Engaged

We love the fact that we are getting married at our home. Funny enough, our favorite part about being engaged is working on our house, preparing it for the wedding, and being able to share such an important piece of our lives with our friends and family. You don’t usually hear couples talking about how fun planning their wedding is but we have honestly been having a blast with it! Our home is our home and we love it and we’re so happy such a special day can take place there!

Advice from the Couple

Have fun with it! That sounds so cliche and not helpful, but it’s supposed to be a fun day! Don’t panic about all the little things that might look this way, might look that way, anything like that. Plan something that you and your loved ones are going to have fun being a part of! No one is going to care what kind of silverware you use, they want you to have fun on your wedding day! Also, be a team! One person planning the whole day is overwhelming! Take note of what each other wants and what both of you think will be fun to do! Sit back and listen to each other and try to see things from their point of view! At the end of the day, you’re celebrating your love, so let that show!