From the Photographer

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Regina and Matt's Engagement! 2020 has been, well, listen, I am done talking about 2020; it sucks. But then Laurette and I meet people like Regina & Matt, and it makes the year a little better. We talked about their wedding plans at The Gorge Eatery in Weissport, PA, and we hit it off instantly when they ordered a beer 😁 Oh, YES! I was relieved to be in the presence of two fellow beer snobs! To be fair, they may have a higher standard in beer than I do. 🍻 Regardless, these two are laid back and just want to enjoy life together.

Our Time at The Photoshoot

Our time at the shoot was fun and spontaneous. Regina and Matt wanted to start the session at downtown Jim Thorpe on Black Friday. 🤐 Great Idea! Haha. It was a tad busy, but we made it work, starting on the famous Race Street. Matt then showed me a small overlook seeing most of downtown next to the local courthouse. Afterward, we hopped in their car to take us to their place where they had a small pond, woods, and.. Bamboo? Yes... Bamboo. My wife was a fantastic mobile light stand and even tried to be a sunset in some of the shots. Oh, and did I mention these two gave me BEER!? How awesome are they? I squealed in excitement.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy their story in their own words and hope you enjoy just SOME of the moments we captured together. I can't wait for their wedding next year!

How they Met

I think we've all had the friend say "So-and-So is perfect for you." A few years ago, Matt was that So-and-So in my life. But for me, I had seven or so friends tell me. And he had seven or so friends tell him. That's when we started to wonder Who is this person? But to answer this question, I had to admit to my friends that they might know better than me. Before I had time to swallow my pride, my friends just gave Matt my phone number. 

Then there were text messages, a conversation, and a nice meet and greet at Ritas. But he had the BAR to study for and I had to find a new job, we had some icy treats and said, "Nice to meet you."

Fast forward two years. Job acquired. BAR passed. And that nice guy I had Ritas with starts appearing in many places: on a TV commercial, the back of the phone book, and a billboard along the highway. Again I thought, Who is this person?

I joined Snapchat and we reconnected! I asked him to come to a concert which I had won tickets to. Turns out we agreed that Canadian Pink Floyd's music was not our style. However, we both agreed that the company was the best part of the evening. Over the next couple of months, we jumped from friends to good friends to that amazing day when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

The Proposal

On a Friday in June, I had organized dinner with our friends. I met Matt at his house, and we got ready for the evening. He always places his wallet and keys in the same spot- on top of the microwave. 

When it was time to leave, I walked over to the spot to wait for him to put his wallet and keys in his pocket. There was a ring box there! He had placed the ring there because he knew predictable me would go right to that spot. 

In the past, Matt and I had talked about marriage and proposals and agreed we wanted the moment to be private and unexpected. Like always, Matt listened and followed through. I was shocked.  Matt said, "Before we leave, there is something I need to ask you." My reply, "No you don't!" (I was in disbelief he is proposing, not disagreement.)

He dropped to his knee. Each word hung in the air as he said, "Will. You. Marry. Me?"

Best Part of Being Engaged

The best part about being engaged is knowing what it means to both of us: commitment, honesty, and dedication. Yes, the ring is beautiful and shiny, and I look at least once a day. However, it represents the choice he made to ask me and the choice I made to say yes to him.

Advice from the Couple

Many people have said, "don't plan for the wedding, plan for the marriage". However, planning for the wedding coincides with planning the marriage. If you like or dislike something, speak up. Communicate honestly with one another. 

Planning a wedding can be work, but it also can be a lot of fun. Just look at our engagement session with Preston. We both dislike taking pictures but did enjoy the process and time spent together. Remember to relish every moment of planning and celebrate each decision made as a victory.