Our Time at the Session

Lindsay & Nate found me on the Knot and I am glad that they did. They were in a unique situation, and once they told me their story I just knew I had to be part of their special day. We decided to capture their engagement at Beltzville State Park. We originally slotted the session for April, but when Lindsay saw the snow all around the area, she knew we had to capture moments in the snow. I am pro snow, even though I am pro warm weather. Not many couples will want to play in the snow, but this couple is all about it! We had a blast creating new memories. Enjoy these moments & their story as told in their own words. ❤❄

How they met

Nate and I met when we were freshmen in high school. He was a football player and at the time was playing on the junior varsity team, which meant that he was required to stay and watch the varsity game. We were sitting together because we had mutual friends. It was cold and we had to snuggle in to keep warm. The next day I asked for his number from one of our mutual friends and we started talking and getting to know each other. I made sure I was at all the football games so I could be with him. A couple of weeks later we were walking down one of the halls at school and he whispered in my ear " will you be my girlfriend". I obviously said "yes!", and we have been dating ever since. 

The Proposal

We got engaged on September 18, 2020. Nate is a caretaker for a piece of property near our house that has about 400 acres. On part of this property, there is a beautiful overlook that he had taken me to once before, and I had told him what a beautiful spot it would be to have a wedding at. Nate had asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to go up to the " view" on Friday and watch the sunset. He also mentioned that he saw my best friend Myla and invited her so that we could do a photo shoot, and we had to dress nice. On Friday I was getting ready to go before Nate got home and my dad called me and asked me " did Nate ask you yet?", which I responded, " Did Nate ask me what yet?". My dad then quickly changed the subject and we hung up the phone shortly after. I then thought to myself " well that was odd, I wonder if nates going to propose tonight". I proceeded to get ready and Nate came home with wine and we packed chips and homemade salsa. We drove to Myla's and picked her up and then drove up to the "view". we had wine and I was the only one that had snacks, Nate and Myla both said that weren't hungry, which was also very weird because both of them love to eat. we then started taking pictures and just before the sun went down Nate got down on one knee and asked " will you marry me?" and I was so nervous and happy that I said " thank you" he said " does that mean yes?" and I said, " oh, yes yes yes!". After we went back to Mylas and she had decorated her house and made us dinner and dessert and it was absolutely perfect. 

Advice from the Couple

We made a lot of decisions for our wedding before we got parents and wedding parties involved, I think that helped cut down on the stress of making decisions and having to hear everyone's opinion about everything. We feel the hardest part of planning the wedding is having to deal with everyone else's opinions on what " should" be done.