An Instant Connection

Kyle and Paige met through a mutual friend way back in 2016! They talked for weeks before they actually met up, but they never left each other's side once they did. Some of their very first dates were Kyle making Paige watch Star Wars. (my man! 🤜🤛) So, of course, Paige had to make him watch Disney movies that he never saw. Kyle has a sister, and can you believe that he never saw the original Little Mermaid?! Shortly after her Disney movie crusade, they decided to move in together. They got two puppies and have the perfect little family to begin their journey.

The Proposal

It was Thanksgiving, 2019. Kyle finally popped the question. They both went up to her Mom's home, and she could tell that he was a little distracted, like something big was on his mind. So I guess Kyle doesn't have much of a poker face? 😎 Naturally, Paige asked what was up with him, and he said that he was just thinking about hunting that weekend. The two go about their Thanksgiving night and have their dinner, and as Paige's brother was about to leave to go to his girlfriends, Kyle decided to begin talking to everyone around the table. He started with how he was thankful for everyone accepting him and how the family was kind. Kyle then focused on Paige to tell her how grateful he was to have her in his life and what they built together. So, he got down on his knee and asked Paige to be his wife. Paige was SHAKING! He has to hold her hand still to actually put the ring on! 🤣 Everyone around the table was in tears! Good Job, Kyle!

Our Time at the Photoshoot

The session came so naturally to us. I had the privilege to work with Paige before our Engagement session with Heather, the inventor of Bridal Buddy! We did a fun product photoshoot at Beltzville Lake! We had so much fun together during the photo shoot, and that is when our relationship started. Soon after the proposal, Paige and Kyle reached out for an Engagement session where they wanted to return to Beltzville Lake. I was so happy to hear about their proposal! During the session, I asked how Wedding planning was going. They said they had a photographer booked, a DJ booked, and finalized their venue at The Barn at Graver's Tree Farm that I recommended! In my head, I was a little bummed that they didn't choose me as their photographer (These two never officially said they wanted me at their wedding yet!), So I was curious to hear who they decided on. We both stopped, they looked at each other and then at me and said, "Ugh, You..obviously." 😭 My jaw dropped! I was so excited. We then continued to have an epic and fantastic time at Beltzville. Check out their celebration of love below!

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