From the Photographers

We had an absolute blast capturing Morgan & Alex's engagement session amidst the stunning beauty of The Finger Lakes! Atwater Vineyards provided the perfect backdrop for their love story, and we're so grateful for their hospitality in allowing us to document this special moment.

But let's talk about the real superstar of the day – Cooper! This adorable fur baby stole the show with his paw-some charm and endless enthusiasm! Seriously, the amount of joy this guy brought to the shoot was off the charts!

Getting to know Morgan & Alex was an absolute delight! Their love for each other is infectious, and their chemistry in front of the camera made our job a breeze! We laughed, we explored, and we created beautiful memories together!

And a huge shoutout to Atwater Vineyards for hosting us and providing the perfect setting for this love-filled adventure!

How they Met

We met at subway where I was working at the time. I actually didn’t know him but I knew his friend that he was with, I was actually friends with his friend so that’s how it all started. Believe it or not I actually perused him…he had no idea I liked him lol 

The Proposal

We have a camper in the finger lakes on Seneca Lake in New York. We had a weekend planned with my parents to stay with us as we normally do sometimes. It was a Friday and he told me that he was going to plan the day for us….as I usually am the planner. I was a little annoyed at him lol because he told me all he had planned was a walk in Geneva NY at the welcome center and I had hoped that he would have made an itinerary of places to go to like I would have done, but he’s not like me in that way and they say opposites attract! Anyways we get to our walk and we go out onto the pier as we usually do but this time behind me he got down on one knee and popped the question and I was in total shock! I had no idea, I think he was nervous I was going to say no because I told him to “shut up” haha it actually took me like 30 seconds to say yes because I couldn’t even believe what was happening. The big day was 10/7/2022 but it was truly one of the best days of my life and having my parents there to capture the moment made it even that much more special. My parents actually knew for an entire year that he was going to do it. I couldn’t believe they kept that secret for that long, amazing! Something a little funny is he kept the engagement ring in the trunk of my car with my spare tire and he kept going into my trunk and checking the spare tire on our way up to New York the night before and the same day, and I kept asking him what’s going on is something wrong with the car? Haha but thank goodness I didn’t find the ring and spoil the huge surprise!  

Best Part of the Engagement

Our favorite part about being engaged is probably knowing that we are actually going to get to marry each other, grow old together and have a great life together. These past 6 years we’ve been together, we had countless great memories that were made and being engaged didn’t really change our relationship, only made our bond stronger. 

Advice from the Couple

I don’t know if I can offer any advice that I’m sure tons of other people have given, but I would say PLAN! If you think that 3 years is far away for a wedding and you don’t need to start planning…you’re WRONG! It’s never too soon to start, everything is booked out so far in advance, that’s one thing that shocked me. I only had one Saturday to choose from for an October 2024 wedding with the venue we selected. It’s never too early and definitely SAVE THAT MONEY because everything is way more expensive than you can even imagine. Well worth the expense in so many ways but just make sure the means are there for the special day. Lastly, just have fun planning everything…don’t stress about the plans and give yourself anxiety. So many people will be there for you to help with it and your wedding is a special day, don’t let it cause you months of stress. 

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