From the Photographers 📸

Just had a fantastic time photographing Kelly & Mitch's engagement session on their beautiful property in Kutztown, PA! Their infectious love and excitement made capturing their special moments an absolute joy. Every corner of their property was a perfect backdrop for their love story.

And guess what? Mitch's sleek Pontiac Grand Prix even made it into a few previews! The combination of their love and the classic car created some entertaining shots! Thank you, Kelly and Mitch, for allowing us to be part of this beautiful journey with you. We can't wait to showcase the rest of the photos and witness your love story unfold!

How They Met & The Proposal 💍

They met online with a dating app! The most popular way to meet someone these days. Mitch proposed on 4/29/2022 at Kelly's birthday party, surrounded by their family & friends. She knew it was coming since she was not a fan of surprises, which made it so she could pick out the perfect ring for her engagement.

Best Part of their engagement + Some Advice 💕

They just love being around each other & having so much fun planning their wedding together. Their small piece of advice would be to take your time, don't rush things, and enjoy EVERY step in the journey. They planned their wedding for 2 years out from the day they got engaged.

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