I love their story; Lauren & Peter are a simple and laid back couple. I first met Lauren at a local Crossfit "box." We have always had fun breaking a sweat together, and she recently reached out to see if I can photograph the biggest day of her life. I am lucky to be capturing these moments and the moments at their wedding later next year. How many can say that they are marrying their high school sweetheart? I hope you enjoy their story, as told by Lauren.

How They Met

Pj and I have known each other since the fifth grade. We had mutual friends throughout middle and high school. We always hung out as a large group! He and I went to our senior prom together as friends! Weirdly enough, we both attended Kutztown University. I say this all the time that if Pj and I didn't attend the same college we definitely would not be together today. Throughout college, we had mutual friends again and always seemed to be hanging out together. Let's just say Pj has outstanding persistence. It took me until sophomore year, but one night I finally gave him the time of day, and well, the rest is history. ;) 

The Proposal

We were vacationing in Tampa, Florida, visiting our best friends who just bought a home! This was the first vacation Pj, and I took completely alone. We were so excited to get away. 

It was a Saturday, and our friends had a wedding to attend. While they were attending the wedding, Pj and I were going to have dinner in St. Petersburg on the beach and having a date night while passing the time while our friends were at the treatment. We had an excellent dinner overlooking the beach and continued passing the time; we decided to find an ice-cream parlor we could walk to instead of getting dessert at the restaurant. I prefer to eat dairy-free, so of course, I'm looking for a spot with dairy-free ice-cream (I'm nuts, I know). I found a place that was just 20 minutes down the beach...in now what I know the wrong direction of the whole proposal plan. Pj played it off and took a walk with me. It was a gorgeous night, and we were enjoying our time together. After getting ice-cream, we made our way back to the beach to walk back to our car to meet our friends. As we were entering the beach, the sun was setting, and it was stunning. I was pushing Pj to come straight down to the water with me to get a picture, but he kept wanting to go left (to a more secluded area, smart man). I was getting frustrated, and we met in the middle and forced him to get sunset pictures with me HA. After our photos, we continued our truck back to the restaurant to get to our car. Well, low and behold, when we FINALLY reached a quiet and private spot, Pj took my hand, spun me towards him around, and got down on one knee. I couldn't believe it! As I'm hugging him, the next thing you know, our friends are running down the beach with cameras! They were never at a wedding...they were four restaurants down from us to the LEFT, not right haha. I made it a challenge for sure, but he pulled it off, and it was terrific. 

Did I expect it at that moment in time, no. Now that I look back, I definitely could pick up on somethings, yet we were in such a stage of our life I didn't think he would do it just yet. 

Best Part of Being Engaged?

Knowing that you will be together forever, like it is confirmed. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together but I feel this is just the icing on the cake. It is fun planning and envisioning our wedding day. 

Quick Advice from the Couple

Do what you want to do, not what you think others would like. The day is about you and your fiancé. Pj and I sat down and talked about what was most important to us on that day and decided everything else we are just filling in as needed. Weddings add up to a hefty price tag, and no offense, in the end, the day is about love and showing how much you love one another. 

Our Time at the Session

I wish I can tell you where exactly this place is, but it's a secret. Lauren & PJ wanted to celebrate their engagement at the place they are getting married. It is perfect. They have a covered Bridge, Waterfall & Trails. All in a backyard. How awesome is that? They just got a new puppy, named Raelynn, and we had to start and end the shoot with her! We walked around the property at the small covered bridge and waterfall. Lauren & PJ were so fantastic and laid back. I hope the photos you are about to see will reflect their personalities. I can't wait to celebrate with them at their wedding next year.

Poconos and Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer Backyard Wedding and Engagement Waterfall and Covered Bridge with Puppy
Poconos and Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer Backyard Wedding and Engagement Waterfall and Covered Bridge
Poconos and Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer Backyard Wedding and Engagement Waterfall and Covered Bridge
Poconos and Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer Backyard Wedding and Engagement Waterfall and Covered Bridge