From the Photographers

Hey everyone & Star Wars fans alike! We're thrilled to give you a sneak peek into Kortney & Robbie's epic engagement session that took place yesterday at Mauch Chunk Lake park! And let us tell you, it was a day filled with love, laughter, and a touch of intergalactic flair!

Kortney & Robbie brought their A-game to the shoot, channeling their inner Jedi and Sith with some seriously awesome Star Wars elements! Lightsabers ignited and ready for action, they embraced both the light and dark sides of the Force. But that's not all – a Darth Vader helmet and Stormtrooper gear made an appearance, turning this engagement session into an otherworldly adventure!

Their love story is truly one for the ages, and we couldn't be happier to capture these precious moments.

Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil more of their galactic journey. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on the full gallery of these two lovebirds embracing their nerdy side and each other!

Until then, may the love be with you!

How they Met

A long time, in a galaxy far, far away, Robbie and Kortney attended the same university, despite living in completely different cities. We knew of each other, but our paths just never crossed. About 15 years later, I relocated and had been working in a local bank. Robbie’s mom was a regular customer and had suggested that we both meet. After our first few phone conversations, we were blown away by similarities and little coincidences that we just couldn’t explain. We realized that we both attended the same university and lived in neighboring dorms, at the same time. We were both RA’s and worked on the same housing staff, but never said so much as a “hello” to each other. We learned that our social circles sometimes overlapped and we knew many of the same people, even beyond our college days. We also realized that we shared a passion for music and musicals, like Moulin Rouge and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We learned that we are both night owls that love the chance to sleep in. We learned that we were both former band-geeks, who get excited over plants and thrift stores. We learned that we both have big spirits, huge laughs, and infinite love for our families. We were also surprised to find that when we introduced our kiddos to each other, they all played like they knew each other their whole lives. Needless to say, the more we learned, the more we leaned into each other, without intention of ever letting go. Today, we are so grateful and fully accept the synchronicity in the amazing way our paths crossed as they have.

The Proposal

When Robbie first introduced me to the series Schitt’s Creek, we'd faithfully binge-watch it every weekend. We enjoyed watching one particular couple on the show, because they shared an endearing and comical love for each other; similar to the two of us. After some time, I became suspicious that Robbie was going to propose. However, inspired by this sitcom couple’s engagement, I decided to beat Robbie to it. I really wanted him to know how much I had come to adore him and our relationship. As well, I wanted him to show him that HE is totally worthy of a proposal himself. Over the next few months, I planned a surprise proposal for a December evening at the Lehighton Christmas Tree Lighting. A few close family and friends helped to create and coordinate a festive walk throughout the park, which led to our own special tree. With our kiddos in tow and our families in hiding, Robbie and I navigated the path, until we stopped at a tree decorated with Star Wars and Schitt’s Creek ornaments. As I got down on one knee, Preston Christman hid nearby and captured the moment when I asked Robbie to share his forever with me. Robbie said yes and our families came into view. We all joined together, and Preston continued to capture the celebration. Several months later, Robbie and I were sharing videos with each other one night, as we often do! He had sent me a video that defined true love in the most beautiful way I had ever heard. As the video concluded, Robbie pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. I’m not sure if that makes us even, or if now we’re engaged twice to each other, lol. But either way, we’re super excited and so very happy!

Best Part of the Engagement

It has been amazing to plan ALL of the things with your absolute, favorite, best friend at your side. We're excited for our special day and truly ready for our forever. But the coolest thing has got to be, watching our kiddos get excited about the details. Not just the day of... but even after the celebration is over. We really love this journey for all of us! 

Advice from the Couple

I don’t think either of us would consider ourselves wedding planning experts, lol! We discussed everything from a having a big, celebratory shindig to a small, intimate get together. Eventually, we decided on the details that were most important to us. For us, this special day would be one of many more shared together; and we knew what aligned with us. However, we can confidently encourage any and all engaged couples… If you are planning to capture the moments of your special day, big or small… you really need to book Christman Photography ASAP!! It is insanely obvious, really a no-brainer, and clearly the best choice for photography. You guys have been such an important and meaningful part of our whole engagement experience. We thank you both so much! 

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