Our Time at the Session

Katie Haupt with Katie Haupt Photography and I made the trip up to Rickett's Glen this time to meet Kim & Troy for the first time. This was a bucket list hike for both of us, because of the amazing waterfalls we kept hearing about. Well, we all may have underestimated how beautiful the beach was at our meeting spot. I think we took a little more time than we originally planned, and we kept stopping on the trail to capture some fun moments. What was the end result? Awesome captures, but missing out on the waterfalls because we lost sunlight, oops. Well, next time we are starting earlier! We will be back with vengeance. Enjoy their story. 💙

How they Met

Troy and I went to the same school and grew up about 5 minutes from each other. We started talking in high school when my best friend and Troys best friend starting dating. We went to Dracula’s forest all together in October of 2011 as friends and afterward Troy and I started talking and hanging out more. About 9 months after that we started dating on June 11, 2012!

The Proposal

Troy and I got engaged in January of 2021. With covid, there were not many places we could go so we were at home when Troy proposed and went out to dinner afterward. I would say that I was surprised on the day but not that surprised because we have been planning this for a while and it’s hard for him to catch me off guard. In May though, we went to visit my sister in Georgia and we went to a beautiful park. Troy actually had lights, flowers and a marry me sign to celebrate our engagement. There was a ton of people!! Since we were already engaged I was really surprised and also nervous because there was a ton of people there lol.

Best Part of Being Engaged

I feel like our engagement has allowed us to celebrate and reminisce on our love for each other. We get asked a lot about our love story from our vendors and it brings back a lot of great memories. It helps to remember why we are wanting to get married in the first place! 

Advice from the Couple

I hope you enjoy planning your special event! People have a lot of opinions but, I would pick the options that make you happy and the things you truly want. If you plan your wedding the way you want, you won’t have regret about how the wedding day went!

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