From the Photographer

We cannot express how much fun we had yesterday capturing Kendra and Luke's engagement session in Williamsport, PA. Williamsport reminded us of our little town of Jim Thorpe (just a tad bigger).

They were the highlight of the town as we ventured into one of their favorite little restaurants, The Crooked Goose, where they danced and ate (yes, danced and on a table; it was WILD)!

Afterward, we stopped by the beautiful James V. Brown Library to capture their story unfolding behind the lens of our camera. There is much more to come & we can't wait to share their story.

How they Met

In late January 2020, a mutual friend set us up. Our first date was at the Moon and Raven (now the Crooked Goose). We didn't want the night to end, so we went dancing. The pandemic was a small road bump. We continued to build a connection over the phone during this time. Once restrictions lifted we had the best movie night. Luke made tacos to go with the movie, which sealed the deal.

The Proposal

Him - I proposed on August 27th, 2023 at Rose Valley Lake. I was extremely nervous. I had the ring for months waiting for the right moment. 

Her - Luke caught me by surprise when he got down on one knee at sunset on the dock. He picked out the most beautiful sunset to illuminate our future together. Of course, I said yes. His hands shook so much as he retrieved the ring I thought he was about to drop it in the water. I was left breathless. His hand met mine, and he slid this perfect ring on my finger.

Best Part of Being Engaged

Him - We have taken another step towards our commitment to one another. The preparation and anticipation for our elopement day.

Her - There is a new level of closeness we didn’t realize was possible. The comfort and stability in our relationship feels like it has a layer of magic to it.

Advice from the Couple

Make a list with your partner of your priorities for your special day. Have a budget and work together when planning, financial stability is so sexy. Keep your focus on the health of your relationship. Marriage is a journey you take with your partner for a lifetime together. 


To us, vows are an intimate moment that is a promise between two souls. We are eloping to keep the focus on our commitment to each other. We wanted to start this adventure together in the moment, without stress. 

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