From the Photographers

This has been a moment we have been waiting to capture for far too long! We were beyond thrilled when Kathy reached out asking us to capture their wedding day. We had such a great time capturing their engagement session, even with the rainy weather! ☔ The rain drops can't damper this beautiful couple's light!

How they Met

Do you know how they say everyone you meet comes into your life for a reason? Well, that’s true for us! I (Kathy) was in a toxic relationship about 12 years ago and at the time he worked with Tyler and Randy so he had them both over one night to watch football. Since the second I met Tyler I thought he was so handsome and that he was special. It wasn’t the time for us but we reconnected about six years later when we were both single and never left each other's lives again. We were friends for about two years and once the starts were aligned we finally became a couple!

The Proposal

Our proposal happened on august 14, 2021, at his mom's boat in Beach Haven, NJ. I knew he was either getting a ring or at least looking at them because he left the jeweler's card on the table, lol, but I assumed he was just thinking about it. We went to his mom's boat as we often do in the summer, and we all went to the dock to see the sunset. I was oblivious that Tyler was tying a fake fish onto his fishing rod and a fake ring. He pretended like he caught a huge fish so asked me to reel it in and when I finally got it in because it got stuck lol I noticed the fake fish them he got the ring and got on one knee, and proposed. I was so excited I didn’t even give him time to take the ring out of the box because I grabbed it and put it on myself! So yes, I was surprised and very excited. 

Best Part of Being Engaged with Some Advice

We loved seeing how far we have come to get to this point in our lives. Try to enjoy the process and not stress about the little details that won’t matter, remember, the day is about you and your love, no one else.  

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