From the Photographer

Kass & Christian are no strangers when working with us. They may be one of our biggest "fans" and they are a blast to work with during our photoshoots together. This time, we traveled down to the Washington Memorial Chapel to celebrate their engagement. This was the first time we explored the area, and it was a blast! We have so many great memories to celebrate their love! We hope you enjoy their story, as told by them.

How they Met

Our relationship began on social media - following each other since high school and then one night Christian messaged me (Kass) on Snapchat and we began texting. Then *officially* meeting was on Thanksgiving Eve 2016 when they were both slightly (very) intoxicated and Christian’s mom and he drove 30 min to pick me (Kass) up from a party at a friend's house. The rest is history! 

The Proposal

I (Kass) was very ready for engagement and marriage and had been hinting at Christian for a while. Christian’s stipulation was that we had to move from our apartment and buy a house before proposing. We bought a house in July 2020 and I knew (or hoped) it would be coming soon. I suspected our housewarming party in September, but that came and went with no ring. Around October Christian was asking more about my ring size and ended up having my finger sized so then I REALLY knew it had to be coming soon. We hosted our first Friendsgiving on November 21st, 2020 and all of my best friends were able to make it, which is pretty rare. We hung out and Christian barely spoke to me and avoided me for most of the day. It was finally time for dinner and my best friend Meghan said that we should all go around the table and say what we were thankful for. Christian went last and said that he was thankful for me and the life we have built and are building together and asked me to marry him!!! FINALLY!! I of course said “yes” - actually first I said “it’s upside down” because, in the true Christian fashion, he proposed and opened the ring box upside down LOL. But then we popped champagne and we spent the rest of the evening celebrating with our best friends and my family. It was such a surreal feeling and day. We always talked about marriage one day, but the question and ring made it so much more real. So overwhelming, but in the best way. It was the best day ever. 

The best part of being Engaged

Getting to plan the wedding of course!! Also, getting to call each other fiancé(e) is fun. It's like leveling up in your relationship and knowing you are both mutually ready to take that next step and make a commitment to forever with each other. It’s such a once-in-a-lifetime period of time in our lives, so as much as we are looking forward to the wedding and marriage, we are both also really taking the time to take in the present. It’s a super special time in our lives where we get to just celebrate and share our love more. 

Some Advice

It’s never too early to start planning!! We have not, so far, had to sacrifice on any of the big things, like vendor availability, because we started so early. Also, even though it’s never too early, take time to think about what you really want and don’t rush decisions. We had our colors picked the week after the proposal and have now changed our minds - not a big deal, but something I wish we would have taken more time to think about before somewhat committing. Always good to keep an open mind!! 

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