Our Time at the Session

I arrive nice & early at the beautiful Barn at Graver's where I was shown their newly renovated "Groom's Lounge" It is the perfect area for the guys to hang out and get ready for their big day. I cannot wait to capture moments in the lounge. Heather & Chris arrived barring gifts (I had a gift for them too). They broke out the brews! 🍻We hung out a bit, chatted, and had a few drinks as I gave them some of their favorite chocolates. We then ventured out to the pond on the farm and did capture them just being them! As always, I welcome you to read their story as told by the couple.

How they Met

So how did we meet? LOL….We definitely found love in a hopeless place (we love that Rhianna song BTW)! I started a new job in Phillipsburg NJ as a Union Chemist and a very old chemical manufacturing facility where Chris was working for many years. We were paired up on shift together…as he made the chemical and I was the chemist working on his team…he would bring me samples until all hours in the night…YES! We worked swing shift…Uggh. We started chatting and we both in the process of leaving very long relationships, we had so much in common, and I can really say it was my first “ love at first sight”…..the rest is history. I now know that LOVE will come to you when it’s ready, not necessarily when you are.

The Proposal

I knew Chris was up to something…throwing me hints about a trip to the Diamond District in NYC. He said it was just to get an idea---so I had the perfect ring. After looking at a few…I noticed Chris talking to the owner off to the side and minutes later he brought us back to a small private room in the back. The diamonds kept coming for me to try and they kept getting bigger and bigger. I was thinking---is this for me? Omg some of them were so amazing and so beautiful. So, I think the entire ring picking was all up to me---it wasn’t. Soon after the one I thought was the ONE…the owner brought back the most beautiful ring---and I looked at Chris and said "Oh My God!"---he just said that’s the ONE! Chris said he was going to keep it until the perfect time…I wanted that ring so bad….I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So we got home and we were both around the house doing our own things. Chris came upstairs and I turned around and he was down on one knee, so sweet, in our home just the two of us---he said now don’t you think I made you wait long enough. I will remember this sweet moment in my jammies and UGG slippers FOREVER!

Best Part of being Engaged + Some Advice

I’m literally NEVER going to get over the excitement of being engaged! I get to wake up each and every day knowing that I will marry my best bud, my homie. I get to finally be a wife at 45 and live in a home filled with love and respect! We get to be ourselves and get to be ourselves TOGETHER! The ring is pretty sweet too!

Advice from the Couple

Keep it small with close family and friends. The day will go so fast and you’ll want to enjoy everyone who comes to celebrate with you. Also, DIY as much as you can…it’s so much fun and saves some cash!