From the Photographers

What better way to start the journey forward than a day filled with love, laughter, and America's favorite pastime? Heather and Brett's engagement session at Citizen's Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, was a home run in every sense!

As the golden sun bathed the stadium in a warm glow, we captured the essence of their love story against the iconic backdrop of the baseball diamond. The vibrant energy of the ballpark added an extra layer of excitement to the shoot. The ballpark's empty seats symbolized the love they would fill their future with, and the anticipation of their wedding day felt as electric as the stadium lights.

This engagement session was a home run, and we can't wait to see Heather and Brett hit it out of the park in their journey together as husband and wife!

how they met & the Proposal

We found each other on Plenty Of Fish, we met up at a diner in Lehighton, Pa and it was very awkward (which I told him it would be) because I hate starting conversations with new people. After we ate lunch he took me bowling and it was so much more relaxed and we had so much fun!

Here is a Funny story about our proposal. It happened at his parent's house, just his parents, brother, him, and I. I knew it was coming because I heard him tell his friends on Playstation how he was planning on proposing and I never told him I heard him say anything. So I was just waiting impatiently on February 2, 2023 that just happened to be his birthday, and he had me stand up from the kitchen table because "he couldn't get behind my chair" then he was beating around the bush like he wanted to say something to his parents that were sitting at the other side of the table. "Guys we have something to you" is what he started out with, which made me confused because I supposedly didn't know about this proposal. Then he told them I was pregnant (which I was not) and I looked at his mom in confusion because I'm pretty sure I would need to know if I was pregnant. Then he said just kidding I'm actually proposing and got down on his knee, asked me to marry him, and tried to put the ring on the wrong hand and that's how it went.

best part of the engagement + Some Advice

Everything is my favorite about being engaged! I love living with my best friend, just having fun and joking all the time, and the wedding planning is actually fun to me so far. Don't get stressed from the get go and just enjoy the planning process. 

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