From Friends with Cameras

We met Grace & Scott in person for their engagement outside of County Seat at the Simon Silk Mill in Easton! We were excited to get some shots of their favorite spot, but they never opened their doors for us! No problem, we still had a lot of fun exploring the rejuvenated area of Easton, PA. We learned that Scott is very coordinated while walking and holding hands with Grace! ;) We shared lots of laughs & fun moments! We hope you enjoy their story & moments.

How they Met

We met on Bumble! Scott still talks about how he particularly liked that Grace was wearing a sweater that said "Reinbeer Games" in one of her photos. We had our first date in the Steelgaarden Lounge at the Bethlehem Brew Works, and things went so well that Scott invited Grace to tag along to his weekly bar trivia night, assuring her that his friend wouldn't mind the extra team member.

The Proposal

Scott basically tricked Grace into planning the details of the day without realizing it! He casually suggested we do a couple's photo shoot as his Valentine's Day gift, so we could have more decor for our apartment. Grace picked the location at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, and even the date of the shoot. She had an idea that it might be a set up... and that idea was all but confirmed when we were each handed a chalkboard on which to write "something we loved about the other person." We went back to back, and on the count of three Grace turned around to see Scott on one knee, holding up a ring box. He had written "Marry me?" on his chalkboard. We love having photos and video of the entire thing!

Best Part of the Engagement

This is a tough one to answer, perhaps because we had been living together for almost a year when we got engaged and had already adopted a dog together. Overall, it is definitely nice to have a concrete sign of our commitment to each other, and all the love and excitement from friends and family is fun to soak up too!

Advice from the Couple

We've still got a year before our wedding and plenty of planning still to do, but so far we've taken things one step at a time. We also recommend that couples decide and hold onto a goal or mantra for the wedding day, for example, we want to create an event that shows off to our friends and family coming from a distance why we love where we live in the Lehigh Valley. When we have to make decisions, going with our gut and coming back to that core goal helps make things easier!

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