From the Photographer

We first met Erin a few years ago in a cosplay group called 501st Legion. For anyone who knows Laurette & I, you probably knew that we used to and still on occasion dress up as characters from the Star Wars universe. If you didn't know that, now you do! Huzzah! Anyway, Erin reached out recently to celebrate their engagement. This was the first time we met Brandon. We explored this wildlife refuge for the first time & it was a blast. We wandered through the forest. It is hard to believe this is between a major airport & a city!

How they Met

We met in a chemistry lab class back in college, about 4.5 years before getting engaged. Our third lab partner had individually asked each of us to work with her and the two of us just hit it off amazingly well.

The Proposal

Well, Erin actually was the one to propose first, back in spring 2020 right after we both graduated. Brandon however said he wasn't quite ready for that yet, due to the pandemic, living so far away, and wanting to find jobs first. A year later, however, the pandemic was winding down and we both had good jobs, plus there was a baby on the way now so the time felt right finally. We definitely both expected it at that point and we were both so very excited to make it official

Best Part of being Engaged & Some Advice

Looking forward to being able to start our lives together and start our own family unit. It's more the anticipation for what's to come than what is happening right now that we've loved most. Start planning as soon as possible, because dates and deadlines come up fast and you want to make your plans and reservations before anyone else has a chance to do them first. 

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