From the Photographer

💕 We loved every moment of this session, such a great couple to meet and photograph at a SUPER SECRET location in Hazelton, PA. We can't wait to photograph your wedding next year - it's going to be Awesome!

Learn more about Brittany & Ryan below...

How They Met

We met through mutual friends, but it was our children who brought us together!

They bonded so quickly, which made us closer. We would go on road trips, and hiking adventures and talk about life. Eventually, after several no's and maybes, I finally said yes to becoming his girlfriend and our kids were so excited!

The Proposal

Ryan took me to the very first spot we went together, back then it was an old one-lane rickety creaky bridge that was closed off. (Romantic at the time) At the time of the proposal, it was now a two-lane with a new construction bridge and it was raining! 

He said he wanted to see the work they did on the new bridge so we walked down, he told me to look over the bridge to see if I could see any fish lol,  so I did!

I then felt a tap on my hip, I turned around to see him kneeling on the wet road. I said, omg get up your gonna get wet! He asked if I’d be his wife, and I said yes of course!! It was a super cute, moment I won’t forget.

We called our parents afterwards (even tho they knew) and they cried and congratulated us! The next day we went to Vermont, I asked why he didn’t wait till then. He said he waited long enough, he couldn’t wait one more day! Btw he proposed on my birthday.

The Best Part About Being Engaged + Some Advice

Being a team! We are both Gemini, so we do tend to touch each other's buttons and know exactly which ones to push! But, it’s the best part, because you know exactly what it takes to fix things!

👉 Also, don’t sweat the small stuff!

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