On July 15, 2023

What an EPIC Saturday it was at Woodsgate inside the enchanting Stroudsmoor where we had the absolute honor of capturing Aubrey & Brian's wedding! 📸💕 The theme was none other than "Lord of the Rings," and let us tell you, it was a journey through a realm of love and magic! ✨🗡️🏹

👀 The day began with heartwarming first looks – one with Aubrey and her father and another with our brave groom, Brian! 💕✨ Emotions ran high as they prepared to embark on this incredible quest together.

The bridal party was a merry band of companions, bringing joy and laughter at every turn! 🤩🎉 And Aubrey? Oh, she was an elven princess, radiant and elegant throughout the entire day! 👸💖

From the vows that could have come straight from Elrond's wisdom, to the rings that shone like the stars of Eärendil, every detail was a testament to their love story! 💍💫

Heartfelt thanks to Aubrey & Brian for letting us be part of their fantastical journey! 🙏💞 Wishing them a lifetime of precious moments and a love that echoes through all the ages! 🌌🌠

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