From the Photographers

Love was in the air as the sun began to set, and we had the privilege of capturing the love story of Aubrey & Brian during their engagement session. We spent a beautiful afternoon together, exploring the picturesque Jacobsburg State Park and capturing some breathtaking shots that truly showcased their love for each other. 🌅📸👰💍💕🤵‍♂️

We arrived at Jacobsburg State Park before sunset, just in time to capture the beautiful golden hour light. The park was a perfect backdrop for this lovely couple, with its stunning views and tranquil surroundings. Aubrey & Brian were so easy to work with, and their love for each other was evident in every shot we took. They laughed, danced, and enjoyed each other's company, making our job as wedding photographers a breeze. 💑🌳

As the evening progressed, we went to Aubrey & Brian's home. Their cozy and charming house was a perfect reflection of their personalities, and we were able to capture some intimate moments that showcased their love and connection.

Overall, it was an incredible day spent with a wonderful couple. We feel so grateful to have been a part of their engagement journey, and we can't wait to capture their wedding day and all the precious moments that come with it. Thank you, Aubrey & Brian, for choosing us as your wedding photographer. We can't wait to see you tie the knot and start your happily ever after! 💍❤️

How they Met

After 9 years of love and adventure, Aubrey and Brian plan on making their story last a lifetime!

Aubrey grew up in the wooded Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania while Brian grew up in beautiful Succasunna New Jersey. Both had previous trials and tribulations of love and were determined to find someone who could compliment their own unique brand of awkwardness, fall into mutual awkwardness, and then call it LOVE!

The modern age of technology really did allow both of these two to be uniquely picky during the online hunt for “that special someone” who fit the bill. Aubrey spotted Brian first and noticed he was a handsome hobbit who loved the same bands she did, had clear goals and aspirations for his future, and dang it, did we mention HANDSOME?? 

Obviously, music being very important and sensing a particular softness in his eyes, she took the first step and messaged this fellow who just might be able to be that perfect companion she’d been searching for. 

Conversation flowed so naturally that they decide to meet in Blairstown for oddly expensive paninis and then a trip to a favorite local watering hole of Aubrey’s.

After a successful first date, it turned into two, which turned into weekly hangouts, which turned into Brian traveling all the way from LYNDHURST to the POCONOS almost every Friday night to spend the weekends with his new sweetheart who was still scrounging for post bachelorette cash. 

Two years of fun adventures with hikes, beach days, snowboarding, and especially those quiet nights simply enjoying each other’s company passed until they knew they couldn’t stand to live apart any longer. Aubrey finally left the nest with her little beagle dog, Willie, in tow for a new adventure with her sweetie in Flanders, Nj.

The two spent 4 years saving for their dreams in an apartment together, taking their beloved beagle dog on daily walks, spending time getting to know and love each other’s families, and even going through hard times of lost loved ones and even a global pandemic that pushed the boundaries for everyone’s ability to be around the same person 24/7 😉. But they weathered all storms and triumphs together so well it almost is impossible now for either of them to imagine life before finding one another, yet alone imagining a life apart.

Brian and Aubrey finally saved enough money for their very first hobbit hole in 2020 (and yes it is, in fact, an actual hobbit hole!) and settled in with their elder beagle companion in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Though their furry friend is no longer with them, they will hold him in their hearts forever. 

These two happy hobbits now live their best lives in their cozy hole in their little spot of earth together and now hope to seal their love forever with all of their loved ones there to witness the culmination of their wonderful lives together so far! 

As Bilbo Baggins would say, we think we are “quite ready for another adventure” together!

See their wedding website here

The Proposal

Brian and I were at home and the weather had finally become nice enough to sit on the roof with a glass of wine. It was two days before my birthday (April 14th) 2022 and I felt so happy that day. We sat there, basking in the fact that we had persevered through so much and worked so hard and finally were reaping the rewards in our forever home. I told my sweetie that I couldn't imagine life any other way and asked if he would be my forever person and that's when he said "Hey! That's my line!", and he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. 

Now, I knew it was coming. We decided to do the house first and wait to get married. We shopped for engagement rings together and I needed to try on sizers before he ordered it. But the how and when was still an awesome surprise and in our happy place, enjoying our home and the beautiful view of the valley was just perfect ^.^

Best part of being Engaged + Some Advice

Is it weird that I actually enjoy the planning? I enjoy picking out the colors and decor for our special day. I love the special date days we get any time we go to Stroudsmoor to continue the planning process. I adore that I get to spend time with my sweetie, my mom, and my whole family, who are all making this entire adventure worthwhile, We decided to take the year to plan and make sure we did it right, and it's been a full year of memory making that is way more precious than just the wedding day itself.

Take your time and enjoy being engaged. Soak in your family, friends, and sweetheart as much as you can as you plan for your special day. Build a trail of priceless memories that lead into the day you seal your love forever. 

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