From the Photographers

We had a blast photographing Ashley & Julian's engagement session at Illick's Mill Park!🌳💍💕 From we met this wonderful couple, we knew it would be a memorable experience! Ashley & Julian's love for each other is radiant, which truly showed during the session. Their smiles were infectious, and we couldn't help but be inspired by the genuine affection they shared. 😍💑

Illick's Mill Park provided the perfect backdrop for their love story, with its beautiful scenery and serene creek. 🏞️ We even joined in on the fun and splashed around in the creek together! We feel fortunate to have been a part of this special chapter in Ashley & Julian's journey. Thank you both for choosing us as your photographers and for allowing us to freeze these precious moments in time! ❤️

How they Met

We met in elementary school. We got to know each other better when Ashley cheered for Julian's soccer team (we didn't have a football team). We quickly became best friends. We both always had classes together throughout school and just never lost touch. We started dating junior year of high school and have been together ever since. 

The Proposal

We got engaged in July 2022 at Ocean City Maryland. Julian had planned a special dinner and then dessert at the beach. He secretly got champagne earlier that day to celebrate. After dinner, we headed to a quiet beach area. Dinner went quicker than expected so we drove around for a bit while Julian pretended he was lost. We then arrived at the beach right at sunset. As always, we took our shoes off and headed to check out the water. Julian then, shockingly, proposed. After the proposal, Julian got out the champagne, but Ashley was too afraid of getting in trouble for drinking on the beach so the champagne celebrations were saved for later, lol. 

Best Part of their Engagement + Some Advice

Our favorite part of being engaged is that we are able to finally plan our wedding and get married. Being together for so long has been a blessing, but we are excited for this next chapter. We have enjoyed wedding planning and are so excited for our big day. 

Our advice is to simply go with what feels right. We have learned that not adhering to all expectations is much less stressful and making our own decisions has been best. Wedding planning has been fun and stress free by only making decisions for ourselves and focusing on the excitement of the big day instead of the stress that can surround it. 

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