The story of how they met and what they went through is a strong and decisive one! The two went through a lot! Find out how many times they went through trying to get photos done (not by me), haha. Their bad-luck finally broke! Please take a look at Amy's own words in their story. Take a look at how I almost fell off a ledge, locked my keys in the car, and got soaked!

How They Met

Jason and Amy matched on, and they had their first date on Saturday, August 27, 2016. It has been history ever since! The two were both in a kind of similar situation. She was engaged to be married in September 2015 and decided to call off the wedding, packed up her three dogs and belongings, and started a new life. Amy had a little time to find herself before meeting Jason. Jason was a few months separated from his then-wife before the two had met and was looking to start over as well. Amy moved in with Jason in March 2018. She moved four times since been with Jason (he helped her all four times before finally asking me to move in, haha) She is happy to have found my forever home with him. He also took in Amy's two yellow labs, Bella and Daisy. Jason also has a cat named Wilson. Fast forward to today, 3 ½ years later, now engaged to be married October 2021.

The Proposal

Amy + Jason got engaged on November 30th, 2019. Jason carried around the ring for a month. The first time he was going to ask her, they were going to get holiday photos done with the dogs. After waiting for an hour, the photographer was a no show for our scheduled time. Jason and Amy were so upset and disappointed, but not as much as he was, and I could not figure out why, at that time. The second time, they were going to try photos again with someone else, had a weekend picked out with another photographer. She said she would get back to her on Monday- after reaching her three days later, before the Saturday they wanted to be booked, she told them there was an open house scheduled at the location picked, and they could not do them. No other offerings for another place or time. The fourth time, Amy finally asked her cousin to come and take some quick pics for them, and that Sunday, they got some terrible weather, so Amy could not expect her to travel. He thought they would be good to go, and it wasn't until they spent the day in NYC. Jason carried the ring around all day, nothing. We get home, and Amy was doing dishes; he came up behind her and asked Amy if he would marry her. Of course, Amy Said YES! ❤

Quick Advice from the Couple:

Definitely take your time to plan things and enjoy each moment. Talk through everything with your significant other.

~Amy & Jason

Our Time during the Session

Remember the part in Amy's story where they had a photoshoot planned in the past and some bad weather hit? Yeah, well.. I was afraid that was going to happen during our session (oh, it did, but not until the very end!)

After talking in an email back in forth, we settled on Hickory Run State Park in White Haven, PA. This park is known for its famous Boulder Field, where you can walk on what seems like miles of rock at the end of a trail. It was a unique location for them because it was one of their first real dates. ❤

We parked right below the turnpike near a busy park entrance! I noticed an excellent spot underneath the overpass and decided to snag a few shots there before moving onto the trail to find a waterfall! We eventually found it during our hike, but it did rain earlier in the day before we arrived, so it was wet and dangerous, oh, I fell as we decided it was unsafe. I landed right on my extra lens! Yup! But it was built tough! No damage to me or the glass. I was a little bummed that we couldn't get that waterfall shot, but we did get great moments leading up to it.

After my spill, we decided to drive up to the famous Boulder Field, where I thought I locked my keys in my car. (very dumb moment) I even told Amy + Jason that we would have to reschedule because of my mishap. Luckily, they were in the trunk, and the trunk opened due to my keyless entry (yay for modern cars). So we started the drive to Boulder Field.

We arrived! The skies started to get a little darker; a fluke rainstorm was about to begin. Luckily, we were able to capture a lot of great moments before, at the very end, it started to downpour! We said our goodbyes as the two ran off to their car! This engagement session is one of the most memorable sessions I had due to all the crazy "misfortunes" we had during our time. It still was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to celebrate their wedding next year!

Preston Christman Photography Engaged Couple at Hickory Run State Park Poconos Wedding
Preston Christman Photography Engaged Couple at Hickory Run State Park Poconos Wedding
Preston Christman Photography Engaged Couple at Hickory Run State Park Poconos Wedding
Preston Christman Photography Engaged Couple at Hickory Run State Park Poconos Wedding Boulder Field