From the photographers

We were so excited to finally meet Amanda and Gene for drinks at Radical Wine Company. This was also the first time we met their pup, Budweiser! We had such a great time, they booked us on the spot. We immediately started planning their engagement session and quickly learned that they had a baby boy on the way, too.

Come the day of their engagement shoot, they brought Budweiser and their new bundle of joy, Davey. We had such a fun time capturing them and their little family, especially when they broke out the comfy clothes and actual cans of Budweiser! We couldn't be more excited to capture their big day next month

How they met

We met at Radical Winery soon after I started working there. A couple, who knew Gene and practically became family to us (who I didn’t know at the time) came in and noticed me and contacted Gene to come down to “check me out” and try to get to know me. (I wasn’t interested) 😂 we eventually started slowly chatting over Facebook and then texting and eventually started to hang out as “friends”. Feelings eventually developed and here we are today. 🥰

The proposal

It happened on a “date day” at Radical Winery! (Where our story first started!) on super bowl Sunday! (We’re big football fans so it’s all good) 😊 I was feeling good, normal, and happy to be out on a date with my best friend. I expected nothing but just thought Gene was acting a little weirder than usual that day. Lol. It was the best day! Of course! There was only one older couple in the winery at the time and the woman was basically our cheerleader once Gene proposed. 🤣

The best part of being engaged + some advice

The constant obstacles that we’ve overcome and realized just how strong we are and how much we’re growing together as a couple each day. And the constant smiles and laughter, never having dull moments. 

Don’t go overboard with the planning and the decorations. It’s too stressful and it takes away from the fun of the actual planning together. Do not worry about impressing all of the guests for your one and only “big day”, it should always and only be about yourself and your partner. 

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