From the Pocono Photographers

We embarked on a picture-perfect adventure through the charming streets of downtown Jim Thorpe, where love and excitement filled the air. Every corner provided the perfect backdrop for their love story, from Train Station to cozy streets. 🏙️🥂

But that's not all - the day took an adorable twist when we returned to their cozy abode. Once there, we witnessed some seriously heartwarming moments with their furry companions, Nikki and Kirby. 🐾🐱 Snuggles, playtime, and all-around cuteness overflowed as we got to know this sweet couple even better.

And the fun didn't stop there! Amber and Rob's love for comic books became quite evident as we dove into their world of colorful narratives and larger-than-life heroes. 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ Their shared passion and enthusiasm lit up the room, and we couldn't help but be swept away by their infectious energy.

Every frame we captured was a testament to their genuine connection and the incredible love they share. 😊❤️ From stolen glances to laughter that echoed through the streets, we're thrilled to have been a part of this chapter in their love story.

Thank you to Amber and Rob for inviting us to capture these beautiful moments. It's truly an honor to freeze these memories in time and witness the love you both share. Stay tuned, everyone, and get ready to fall in love with this adorable couple as much as we have! 🥰📷

How They Met & The Proposal

We met through OkCupid, the online dating site. I had been on for two days and Rob for three years. When we first met, he surprised me by coming to my college. I let my roommate know where I was going as a safety thing and we went to the Target outlets to walk around. 

We had been talking about getting married for a while. The ring was my grandmother’s to her first husband my dad's biological father. My dad's father died in a car accident a month before he was born. My mom was keeping the ring safe, and he just had to ask her and my dad for it. We had planned on going away to Lancaster for my 24th birthday in January. We were sitting on the couch of our hotel room cuddling when rob decided to ask. He felt it was the best time because I called him by his nickname that I usually only call him in writing. He asked me and at first I thought he was just asking like he had a hundred times before but they he pulled out the ring. He asked me “Amber, would you do me the honor of becoming my husband?” Without missing a beat I responded, “Yes, when can we schedule the sex change?” 😂 All joking aside I said a serious yes and put the ring on my finger. 

Best Part of Being Engaged + Some Advice

I probably enjoy calling him my fiancé when talking to people and telling people about the engagement. 

Take your time. It’s your wedding and don’t listen to other people if they think something is stupid. In the end you’re the one paying for it. 

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