From the photographer

I met up with Alyssa & Chaz at the parking lot, and was greeted with a huge smile! I arrived 15 minutes early, and they still beat me to the parking lot! The nerve of them being on time! haha.

We started by saying hi, sharing some stories and getting pretty "personal" real quick. I learned some things about Chaz that I dare not post publicly. 😆 We ventured into Valley Forge, and I realized that it has been 4 years since I was back here! It's fun remembering the last time, and photographing it a little differently.

We eventually decided to drive to the famous arch, BUT.. I noticed a field of trees blooming where I had to turn around and lead them to the blooming trees. Did we park legally? perhaps not, was it worth it? 10000000% YES! It may have been only a few frames, but it was a photograph I really wanted to get for these two!

On the way back to our very legal park job, I stumbled & fell on my own feet while cutting through the tall grass, but landed in a spectacular fashion and did a roll. Camera equipment SAVED, left ankle, slightly sore! But it was worth it!

As we finally approached the arch, we captured some epic sunset photos for them! It was so much fun!

How they Met & The ProposaL

We met at a Halloween party and Chaz was dressed up like a girl 😂😂😂

We spent the whole day just spending quality time together and when we were cooking dinner together, I told him I needed help, I turned around and he was on one knee! I loved it so much because it was just us so we got to stay in the moment as long as we wanted and then we took cute little pictures the next day to announce! 

Favorite Part of being Engaged + Some Advice

Saying “my fiancé” is the best part! As for advice; plan it for yourselves not for other people. Don’t spend millions for one day if it’s not to please you but other people. 

engaged couple at Valley Forge National Park smiling
engaged couple at Valley Forge National Park with kissing
engaged couple at Valley Forge National Park holding hands under a barn
engaged couple at Valley Forge National Park with a reflection
engaged couple at Valley Forge National Park with an epic sunset
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