From Friends with Cameras

Love and Laughter at Burley Oak Brewery & Ocean City, Maryland. We had a blast photographing Allison and Jordan's engagement session. We kicked things off at Burley Oak Brewing Company, where we had a playful game of Jenga with a couple of beers. Laughter filled the air as they carefully balanced the blocks.

After the brewery, we headed to the beautiful beach in Ocean City, Maryland. The sunset created a stunning backdrop as Allison and Jordan embraced, capturing their love in every frame. It was a magical & fun moment. Cheers, to love and unforgettable memories!

How they Met

I was out at a local bar, hammerhead lounge with a coworker when I met Jordan for the first time. I later added him on fb and saw he was looking for someone to go to a Kane Brown concert with him. I immediately commented and from then on out we were constantly chatting and hanging out. We would spend weekends together laughing, trying new restaurants/ wineries and enjoying horror movies! 

The Proposal

Jordan - We were going to visit her dad in Georgia for Christmas and I thought that would be the perfect time. When we got down to Georgia, I spoke her dad about the plan and he helped me with some ideas. We were going out to dinner one night with her whole family and we walked in downtown Savannah. We stopped at the Big Christmas tree where everyone was taking pictures. It was our turn, we took a big family photo and then I said I would like one of just the two of us. We took our photo and then I pulled out the ring and got on one knee. Everyone started cheering but she hates being the center of attention. She said yes and promptly tan off the stage before I could even place the ring on her finger! 

Alli- when we went down to Georgia to spend the holiday with my dad, I had a strange feeling something was going to happen. My mom kept telling me “ Jordan’s going to propose in Georgia” I kept telling her nah he won’t do that. Mind you he had already asked my bestfriend what kind of ring I would want in September 2022. 

When we were going out to eat with my whole family after my brother and his fiancé arrived on our last night in Georgia, Jordan was being so strange and had his hand on his hip while we walked to the huge Christmas tree( I looooove Christmas trees) then when he asked for a picture of the two of us I knew something was up. He never asks for pictures to be taken of us it’s normally me lol I just couldn’t believe it finally was happening. I don’t enjoy having all the attention being on me and while everyone was yelling and cheering I was ready to get off that stage lol I knew all along Jordan was my person but this was confirmation he will always be my person ❤️

Best Part of being engaged + Some Advice

Knowing that jordan is forever going to be my person. Making new memories!

When looking at venues find a place that makes you feel like family/ important! Our venue remembers our names and everytime we’ve been out there they always make us feel like family! We have been so fortunate to have found all our venders that make us feel so special!  

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