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Thanks for trusting us to capture your wedding, we're thrilled and excited to be such a big part of your day!

We created this page to guide you every step of the way. From planning your engagement session, help to create an important shoot list, customize a personalized wedding timeline, and what you can expect from us on your wedding day right up to the moments you see and hold your images!

You can access and refer to this guide anytime.

Every wedding is totally unique and we can't wait to capture yours!

The Engagement Session

Chances are, we are already discussing or finalized the Engagement Session location if we didn't already shoot it yet! If your package did come with an Engagement Session, I highly recommend checking out the guide for your session.

Engagement Session Guide

The Shot List


We will be using a shot list for your wedding. You'll be sent various emails and one BIG questionnaire email that will help us come up with a shot list before your wedding.

Our questionnaire usually goes out 3-4 weeks before your wedding. You can check the shot list I use and download it. You can even tweak it to your wedding needs and provide me with your version.

The above is in an example of how your timeline will flow

Wedding Day Photography Timeline


We've got you, we'll help you be on schedule.

Generally, this timeline is what we follow for your wedding day. Of course, every wedding is different and unique. If there are any particular circumstances or events, just let me know. We will be in touch with you 1-2 weeks before your wedding to verify the timeline. We will start at the specified time we discussed in the agreement (I show up early). The timeline will usually flow like this:

  • Getting Ready & Details of Invitations, Bride's Jewelry, & Wedding Rings -  Having the Rings, Jewelry, Invitations, and any other essential details packed in a Ziplock bag on the day of your wedding would make things easy! We usually like to start the day at the bride and/or groom's getting ready location to capture moments of everyone getting ready and begin with details such as the rings, ties, shoes and other meaningful details.

  • Bridal Party Groupings, Mom & Dad - We then start the group shots of your bridesmaids and groomsmen together and other family members. We also like to fit in shots of mom or dad seeing you for the first time as you finish getting ready. Please make sure they are close by for photos! I like to try and do a small set-up with Mom & Dad seeing her Bride or Groom for the first time.

  • First Looks - What is a first look? I created a blog post that goes over the Pros and Cons of the first look. Decide what you think is best, or ask my opinion if you are not sure. Click here. If you decide to do first looks, we will take you and your fiance to a location we agreed on to see you before the ceremony and capture the moment as it happens. Usually, the Groom will be hidden away so he won't see you arrive! Couples that decide to do a first look should bring family and the bridal party for photos as well. The overall goal here is to get the bridal party shots done before the ceremony for couples that choose to have more time at cocktail hour. We will also use this time to get shots of just you and your fiance for some portraits of only you both. For even more time, bring family members for groupings! Ignore this if we decided not to do the first look, and go the traditional route.

  • The Ceremony Ceremony Time! We will typically leave from the getting ready location(s) 30 mins before the ceremony begins. We will need that time to set up any equipment before you arrive. We will be capturing candid moments of everyone arriving at the ceremony and will then be situated in different areas for the ceremony to give plenty of variety.

  • Cocktail Hour - If we did not do a first look, this would be the time that I will get shots of Family Groupings. This usually happens at the ceremony location inside or outside of the venue. The shot list and Maid of Honor (or designated helper) will come in handy to help wrangle up all the people you want for traditional family/friends group shots. I will also use this time to get the bridal party together for fun shots after the ceremony. Lastly, I will take you and your now-husband/wife to a location around the ceremony for some portraits of only the two of you. If we did the first look, I would merely be capturing candid moments of you interacting with your guests before the reception, and steal you away to get shots of you in the reception area before your guests arrive (trust me, you will want this shot)

  • Reception - Time for the Party to Start! I use this time is for me to capture loads of candids. We will capture the speeches, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, dancing, and any other events that you outlined in the forms. Usually, we will stay for half of the reception unless you booked us for a more extended time slot. Don't be surprised if we try to steal you both during the reception for some creative night time portraits! It'll be worth it and we promise to be quick and let you go back to the party pronto!

That's a Wrap on your wedding! I am exhausted! We had a lot of fun... now what?

We edit the best Photos and Deliver them!

After you get a tease of one of your photos from the day, in about 4-6 weeks (Great photos take time) you'll receive an online gallery. The gallery will be similar to this one: Sample Gallery where you can view, download the Hi-Res/Web sized versions, and even order prints.

NEXT COMES: Your Photo Album Design Session

We will then set up a time and date to show you a pre-designed photo album that came with your wedding package. We can set this up at a local coffee shop, restaurant, home, or online via webcam! Whatever is more comfortable for you both.

During the album design session, we'll show you some crazy canvas and acrylic wall art! Most couples tend to upgrade their album. The print credit you receive in your package can be used to upgrade the album. Check out this blog post we created to highlight why having a photo album with your wedding is so important.

Thank You

We hope this bridal suite page helps to put your mind at ease knowing that there is already a plan in place for your wedding day! Just remember to always share any and all important details of your day with me during the planning phase.

It is always best to let us know about all your plans and shots you need during the last follow-up phone call (typically 1-2 weeks before the wedding). If our schedule allows it, we can even show up for rehearsal! Don't be shy to invite me to that if you feel it would be beneficial for us.

That is pretty much it! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out!

❤ Preston & Laurette Your weddding photographers!

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