More than just pictures...

Boudoir photography can easily be misunderstood by many. It is not about taking just another "sexy" picture.

It is about having an experience of a lifetime while falling in love with yourself again. Treating yourself to a boudoir session is one of the most beautiful, motivational, and empowering gifts you could possibly give yourself. So, lay your fears and self-doubts aside, and set up a free phone consult today!

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Hello there!

I'm Laurette, the woman behind the camera who will be cheering you on every step of the way!

I specialize in Boudoir Photography because EVERY body is a form of art and everyone should be given the chance to see how beautiful they truly are. I'm a huge advocate of body positivity, self-love, and thriving on authenticity.

Boudoir is a very intimate and vulnerable form of photography and art, so it is very important to me that I build an awesome connection with all of my clients.

My job is to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world who can conquer anything and continue to empower other women with your experience!

So what are you waiting for?

Let's chat - I'm an open book ready to learn about you and how I can help you with the next step in your journey!

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Let Me Inspire The Heck Outta YOU!

Take a moment to watch Melanie's reaction to seeing her boudoir gallery for the 1st time!

I want you to feel this way too.

Here's the thing, I work with many women from so many walks of life...

💥 Women who suffer from low self-esteem

💥 Women who have little to no confidence

💥 Women who have recently had a weight loss

💥 Women who are Brides to be (a gift for the groom!)

💥 Women who have recently divorced

💥 Women who have just recovered from surgery 

💥 Women who have become new Mothers

💥 Women who want to celebrate the milestones

💥 Women who have just had a new tattoo or piercing

👉 and Hell Yeah Women who love treating themselves often!

Did you find yourself on this list?

I'm betting you did!

And Yes, Couples' Boudoir Sessions are totally on the Menu!

Take a look at the Groom receiving a knock-out Boudoir Album as a gift from the Bride to be on the morning of their wedding day!



“Laurette captured images in a way that I have never seen myself. I am not lying when I say my confidence in my body, and my overall mental health has skyrocketed since my 1st shoot with her. Her support and love for being body positive in the body you have today is unwavering. The images captured by her lense and artful eye are nothing less than stunning.”