From the Photographers

Meeting Stacey & Robby for the first time was in a word; "FUN," Smiling ear to ear as we approached them offering them hugs and their favorite candy. The only thing we wish that we had was their favorite beer too. These two lovers are full of spirit & can easily make you smile when you spend just 5 minutes together. We started off heading on the path of our favorite little park in Alburtis, PA and they just started to laugh & enjoy "the process" of taking photos. It was a fun time filled with, wheelies, chicken pecks, & laughs. After the session, we headed out to enjoy some brews and snacks in Trexlertown at BJ's Brewhouse off camera. Enjoy their story as told in their own words <3

How they met

We met on Match, he had messaged me first telling me "don't be afraid of my wheels, I'm not". I tried to get him to meet with me on the first day, he said no but we can meet tomorrow. He told me that I had to drive because he didn't have hand controls yet. So i drove confidently to his house, until I was 10 minutes away, then I panicked what if he lied and is really a walker and a serial killer. As I drove up the long drive to the house I was surrounded by dogs and a man with a long mustache that covered his lip. I still to this day am not sure what he said but he pointed around the house. As I drove around there at the side door was the man I immediately fell for with the deep dimple on his left cheek and sexy wheels.

The Proposal

Robby proposed on Christmas morning, we were both wearing Jack Skeleton Pajamas (3 of our 5 kids were present). He had me open a box, that was full of sewing pins. He then said that I make him happier than he has ever been and would I marry him. It was a beautiful Peridot ring with dragons on either side holding black diamonds, that he had custom-made. I was truly excited and did not expect it, especially since I was going to propose to him on New Year's Eve.

Best Part of Engagement

Knowing that we are committed to each other, validates how we always have felt about each other. We have enjoyed planning our wedding and meeting the most amazing photographers (Christman Photography).

Some Advice from the Couple

Follow your dream of the wedding, do not allow the family to persuade you from your dream. Trust and Value each other's opinions in the wedding planning, you do not want to cause any hurt feelings before your marriage has even started. Remember that your partner and you are a team, you can do this. Laugh all the time, even at the little things. Also, follow your gut whether it's about the venue, the food, the photographer, etc. You will know if it's right 😄

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