"Oh! Let's Order Pizza!"

Quinn & Krista are in a word "FUN" You know that couple that is in your group of friends that are the "fun" couple. That is Quinn in Krista. They have been together for a long time, and Quinn finally mustered up the courage to ask Krista to be his life partner. This blog was re-written for my new site because Quinn and Krista deserve a great story behind the photos we created together back in June. They are again my first feature of hopefully many fun and unique couples I get to capture! We spent an entire day with them! We played some Smash Brothers, Ordered Pizza, went to their favorite mountain top and saw a magnificent sunset!

Game on!

Ok, so Quinn and I grew up playing a popular Xbox title called Halo 2. Don't know it? Look it up, but in a nutshell is a science fiction first person shooter (fps) where you play as a superhuman space ranger saving the day against an alien invasion. ANYWAY... we met in an online match, his Gamertag was VerbotenDonkey! Mine, was Razgriz1988. Ha! Later, we started a little "club" with a bunch of online friends. It wasn't until a few years ago that we learned that we we only lived an hour apart from each other!

So picture this! A massively popular global video game and we befriended each other. What are the odds of that happening? Furthermore, what are the odds that I would be the one capturing moments with the love of his life? Enter in Krista!

It was very clear from the beginning that these two knuckle heads were meant for one another. Both are nerds, both love to game! So to begin our adventure, they decided to boot up the Nintendo Switch and play some Smash Brothers!

"So, when are we ordering that Pizza?"

No really. We were all getting a little hungry. Krista had this amazing idea to order some pizza! They really wanted me to showcase their original pizza loving selves! Naturally, I told them to enjoy the box! After this Photographer had a slice for himself ;) How do you like your pizza? Mine is with Pepperoni! Sausage! Meatballs! All the meats!


Alright, so we had our fill of the amazing Pizza that they ordered. Time for a little rest before we head up to their favorite mountain top! I was able to capture some raw and natural moments of them just being them, the love is real folks!

Heading to Cameltop Mountain

OK! Yes, we get it! You are cute and adorable. Well, guess what? We got more cute and adorable. We all hopped in my SUV and made our way up to the very touristy mountain top. Nestled in the Pocono Mountains in Tannersville PA, our little car ride took about 45 minutes! The sun was starting to get lower, which creates some beautiful light for our subjects! We were able to find a small tral and field on top of the mountain to get some fun shots of the two lovers enjoying the scene!

How is the view?

Perfect View! Overseeing so many towns and cities alike. The set up was perfect for our mountain top adventure. The anticipation was growing as the sun got lower! We all wanted to see the sunset and get some great shots! However, the tourists were starting to grow! The couple had a "special" spot a little lower on the mountain that they venture to when they come for a visit. We decided to check out the view from their favorite spot.


This is where our adventure ends. A colorful sunset for this colorful couple. I am so very honored to be able to shoot their engagement, and cannot wait to shoot their wedding! <3