From friends with cameras

Once we arrived in the "park that will remain nameless" we waited for our muses Madison & Doug to arrive in the lot. We greeted them with hugs & small talk and they gave us a small tour of this popular Scranton park! It was our first time here and we expressed that we love capturing moments like this in a new area. It was a little breezy but a perfect spring day to celebrate their engagement! A "chicken" really was a popular topic of conversation later into their engagement! Enjoy their story!

how they met & the proposal

We met in high school, and have been together & have been inseparable ever since! He proposes to me at the beach in front of my family. He hid a message in a bottle and had my cousin pretend he found it in the ocean, brought it to me to open, and it said “will you marry me?” When I turned around he was on one knee with the ring. Needless to say, we already know what my answer was ;)

BEst part of being engaged & some advice

The best part of being engaged is getting to call him my fiancé and tell him “sorry I can’t help, this ring on my hand is just way too heavy!” As for advice, ask for help! Get a wedding planner, doing all the planning on your own is stressful and overwhelming!

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