On August 17, 2023

We're excited to offer you a sneak peek into the incredibly moving wedding of Lisa and Ben – a couple whose love story has defied distance and brought them to a heartfelt celebration in the Poconos. 💞

Despite the challenges posed by their long-distance relationship, Lisa and Ben's bond has only deepened over time. 🌍💌 Their love story culminated in an intimate lakeside ceremony, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of their private Poconos retreat and cherished by their closest family members. 🏞️✨ The simplicity of the occasion mirrored the purity of their love – a love that has endured miles and hardships.

As photographers fortunate enough to capture these moments, we witnessed a day of profound emotion. The gazes exchanged, the tears shed, and the laughter shared spoke volumes about Lisa and Ben's journey. The depth of their connection was evident in every frame.

Stay tuned as we reveal more glimpses of this extraordinary day. Join us in showering Lisa and Ben with love and well wishes as they begin their journey as a married couple. 🎩👰‍♂️💖

To Lisa and Ben: Your story is a true inspiration. May your future be filled with boundless affection, joy, and shared accomplishments. Here's to your beautiful adventure ahead! 🥂

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