From Friends with Cameras

We finally were able to meet Lauren & Jake at Illick's Mill with their pup Amelia! We didn't waste any time having a fun time celebrating their engagement. We can't wait for their big wedding over at The Barn at Graver's later this year!

How they Met

We have had the same friend group since college and always just briefly interacted between each other. Throughout the years we went our separate ways but when he moved to Bethlehem and we were both newly available we decided to hangout together with our friend group and the rest is history! He is stuck with me forever now!

Proposal Story

I had just gotten a new job and had two weeks off! We decided to take a trip to Nashville, TN, and then drive to Asheville, NC. We partied and celebrated my new job in Nashville. Once we got to Asheville we decided to go hiking at Catawba Falls. I knew it was going to happen then because he was setting up both his personal phone and work phone to take a picture and a video of us by the falls! I was still super nervous of course! It was on April 26th and the most gorgeous weather! 

Best Part of being engaged & Advice from the couple

My favorite part of the course is saying Fiance! (hehe jk) But it does have a nice RING to it. I think my favorite part about being engaged is knowing that soon we will be married! It's just one step closer to becoming one unit and continuing to do everything together as a team!

Just relax and be very calm and understanding while planning! When it comes down to it the only thing that matters is you two are getting married and have your friends and family there to celebrate with you! And of course, amazing photographers are also there to celebrate with you and help you capture all the amazing and beautiful moments! :) 

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