From Friends with Cameras

We traveled down to Reading, PA where we first met Julia & Zach at their home! We were immediately greeted by their furbabies, Marshal & Doug. After some fun in the yard, we walked over to a local park where we captured some fun moments in the frigid cold! It was a blast, and can't wait to capture their wedding!

How they Met

We met at freshman orientation at Albright College. I was a POP (Peer Orientation Persons), volunteer students who help the freshman get acclimated before classes start. During move-in day, the college has a big lunch for the freshmen and their families. As a POP you are asked to sit with the families. I happened to sit at the same table as Zach, his mom, and his siblings during lunch. We ended up swimming together for Albright, became friends, and started dating in the Spring of 2016.

The Proposal

We got engaged at the same spot on Albright's campus where we met over 7 years ago at the move-in lunch. We were there for Homecoming and hadn't gotten to walk around campus together in a few years. Zach had planned on popping the question there for a couple of months. He had given my family and friends a heads up beforehand so they weren't shocked. He hid the ring in his sunglass case because the ring box would have been too obvious. During our walk, he said he tried to feel for the ring and thought it fell out along the walk, which caused a short moment of panic. Luckily it hadn't. I wasn't expecting it until right up to the proposal. 

Best Part of Being Engaged with some Advice

My favorite part of being engaged is to coming home after work knowing I get to come home to him every day. When planning a wedding I recommend not getting too worried about the planning timeline. Let your engagement be as long or as short as you want. Every couple is different and you should go at whatever pace you need to. 

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